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Defining Matters

By Whimofthesouth
Defining MattersI had a different post planned for today, but that one has been moved to tomorrow because I feel that this one is a little more important than just an outfit post. Have you ever gone through something and constantly felt "defined" by it? Like everyone and anyone who looked at your saw that event or that mistake? As women (or men if you're reading this) we often feel as if what happens to us or what doesn't happen to us defines us. Whether we were rejected by our top five job choices for post graduation, rejected from our dream school, or rejected from that boyfriend that you happened to be head over heels for. Whatever the case, we've all been in similar shoes. The truth it that because of our human nature, we are wired for things like this. We have this disposition to believe that others see our flaws and our mistakes as thoroughly as we do. WRONG. If you're reading this, you've probably imagined the few or many things that you believe to be true. Tune those out. I want you to take out a piece of paper and write down all of the positive things that define you and then come back to this post. Write them like this: "I am brilliant. I am an honor roll student. I am a daughter. Etc..." Whatever POSITIVE things come to your mind. Have you done it? Read those out loud. Mine ended up being:I am a daughter, grand daughter, sister, niece, and friend...and I am loved.I am a daughter of Christ and I am loved.I am a Christian and I am able to bring other people love.I am beautiful...because I was created in Christ's image.I am strong.I am smart.I am tech savvy.I am a graphic designer and I love it.I am a blogger.I am a student.I am generous.I am genuine. I am...not defined by my mistakes and my insecurities.For the sake of your sanity and interest in this post, I did not include all that I could have. Do you feel a weight lifted off of your chest? The things that you wrote down and spoke out loud are what define you. Not what a mean comment on your blog said, not what an ex best friend might have posted on Facebook...nada. None of it defines you but what you say does. Don't give the negative a say in who you are by allowing it to be there.You are beautiful. You are worth it. You are you! xoBCC

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