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Decorating with Houseplants

By Vsudarsan
Apart from the fact that houseplants are air-purifying... they add natural beauty to any room. Imagine these living rooms without the plants! Houseplants here have established focal points; filled a corner space that would have been left vacant; tall plants have managed to make the room look larger by drawing the eyes up; short and wide plants have made large rooms look cozier; hanging plants have added some drama coming down from the ceiling; and containers are a decor piece by itself!  You can get creative by mixing and matching greenery with the rest of the decor thereby creating an environment to relax and entertain. Here are some inspirations to get you thinking about adding a few houseplants to your home... I'm wishing you a green thumb!
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Decorating with Houseplantsvia: modernfindings
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Decorating with Houseplantsvia: pinterestDecorating with Houseplants
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