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Decorating with Books

By Steph's Scribe @stephverni

VeniceIncorporating books into your life is important. My house is filled with books of all kinds. Over the holidays, I even went so far as to begin organizing them by genre: business books, general fiction, chick lit, sports books, academic books, and of course, our collection of gorgeous coffee table books.

When you decorate with books, two things happen:

1. You look smart (okay, I’m joking here, but wasn’t that just a little funny, and maybe a little true?)

2. Books warm up your room.

Overall, I like to think books not only warm up your room, but also your life by enriching it and making it better.

Below you will see several rooms that I’ve pulled from Pinterest that all have wonderful feels to them.

I have no doubt these images will make you want to sit down and read.



Carla Aston Designs

Photo credit: Carla Aston Designs

Old House Dreams

Photo credit: Old House Dreams

Apartment Therapy

Photo credit: Apartment Therapy

Lots of Books

And finally, Rose Hill Cottage, featured in the movie

And finally, Rose Hill Cottage, featured in the movie “The Holiday.”

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