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Decision Making in Personal Life Examples Situations List

Posted on the 07 October 2021 by Lifecoachbloggers
Decision making is one of the vital elements of influencing skills and PEARL is a simple mnemonic that reminds how to make decisions especially during critical times and crisis events.
PEARL summarizes the different techniques of taking decisions:

Life Changing Decisions Examples List

Life Changing Decisions Examples List

  1. Perceptions and Beliefs
  2. Ethical
  3. Apathy, Empathy, Sympathy
  4. Rational
  5. Legal

Perception based Decision making is Intuitive

Perception based decision making is especially helpful when there is no evidences or proofs that can support the outcome.


Customers who buy new branded products, which are yet to flourish in the business market, make their buying decision based on merely perception or intuition.

Ethical Decision making Aligns a Person to Society Values

Each culture has its own origin, tradition, customs and beliefs. While making decisions, one must also consider the ethical sensitivity and include alternatives that abide the social beliefs and opinions.


Many teenagers choose between an arranged marriage and a love marriage based on their ethical sensitivity.
Humans take Emotional Decisions as they are Humans
From falling in love to adapting a child, taking decisions keeping others' emotions and feeling in to consideration is vital. in fact, before taking any major life decisions many people delay or slow down to examine whether their friends and family members will be supportive in their choice. Emotional decision making includes apathy, sympathy and empathy behaviors.
Conventional Rational Decision making still has its Charm
From getting into a love relationship to taking a crucial business investment decisions, decision makers rely on logic. They collect information, statistics, and details, analyze trends, see the pros and cons before making a decision.
For example, before accepting a job offer, a job seeker browses through the company website to see the reputation and position of the company
Every Decision must Abide Legally
Though it takes time to understand the legal procedures, laws and policies, one must spend time researching on what is right and wrong in the society they live in. indeed, a decision maker enjoys peace of mind after making a decisions that abides by law.
For example, an entrepreneur or a business professional who is planning to start a firm can do a thorough research on company acts and laws before making any decisions.
In several situations, decisions has to be made spontaneously on the spot where there is no time to even think about alternatives. PEARL is a simple easy-to-recall mnemonic. Once memorized, this wonderful mnemonic device can be used even during the most critical decision making circumstances.

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