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Debauchers Are NOT Born in Terrorist Centers

By Anjanroy @Anjan5Roy

Few months back there was a terrible incident in our national Capital Delhi…There were huge protests and rallies across the country and abroad citing for the most gruesome punishment for the person who committed such Heinous Crime. There were people demanding for Capital punishment among others who deemed life time imprisonment to be the most appropriate penalty. In one of my article -Journey of a woman, I too adduced my views as far as punishment is concerned, a penalty which would inculcate the mass, and if any person think of committing anything horrendous their souls’ be stirred thinking of the retribution.  Unfortunately neither our Constitution nor our law making body can impose such a law.

Debauchers are NOT born in Terrorist centers There were Slogans like –“Teach your son to behave before you point your finger towards any girl.”
Yes, teaching is required and it should begin right from home in each and every household of India…As I believe- “Debauchers are not born in Terrorist centers, they are amongst us and we are as much responsible for their wrong doings as they themselves are.

Now coming back to the point …If you crosscheck the age group of the culprits…you would realize they would briskly fall in the range 16 to 65… which means a culprit knows very well what he is doing and he isn’t worried or ashamed about his deeds either because of ineffective laws or a result of their upbringing.  I would speak to the extent more than the in efficacious policies of our constitution it’s our society, family and the environment where we are brought up is responsible for such alarming rate of increase of these atrocities. I know, no parent would teach their ward for commending such brutal acts but can you tell me when was the last time you heard a parent or the friend circle taught you to look a girl like your own mother, sister or daughter? When was the last time you saw a guy in the corner of a street looking a girl with respect rather than the lustful eyes?

From our School, we have grown by reciting the verses of pledge - “India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters.”  You would hardly find any person abiding by the pledge but will find plenty who would make mockery of our pledge by speaking words like –‘If all Indians are my brothers and sisters than whom will I marry, a foreigner?’  Pledge is not about any daily chores which we do unintentionally but an activity which is being taught in every school so that we may grow up respecting people across genders among various other values.  Sex education is considered a taboo. Neither teacher in school nor parents at home are willing to teach their ward about the essential part of a human life. The result -lads grow by being taught by filthy magazines and movies which erode their mind with soiled thinking. Even C-Grade movies are termed educational. I have seen ample examples where a simple talk to a girl or inviting a friend (girl) to your house is highlighted by friends and society in the wrong way…and I believe –“Female assailants are not a result of a day’s fault…it’s the result of the cumulative impression about the gender female that grows from childhood.

Onlookers may suspect I am supporting the cause of Women and am speaking as if there’s no fault of females…but I must say I am neutral in my views and this would surely clear all doubts…Yes, Girls are also to be blamed for their fate in many cases…knowing it very well about the mentality of Men around don’t you think it’s their fault by wearing provoking dresses and going out at wrong places at wrong time of the day.  I know it’s a person’s choice of what they wear and where they go but looking around about the society don’t you think a girl should be alert enough to her surrounding by not giving wrong signals?
Debauchers are NOT born in Terrorist centers

A girl today is a mother tomorrow and a mother is much responsible for their child’s behavior be it a son or a daughter.
It’s said you teach a man you teach a person…you teach a woman you teach a generation. And when a woman is taught (either by circumstances or by society) about the wrong ideals it grows through the generation. How many families you know or seen where there is discrimination amongst their Son and Daughter?  Dowry is considered Evil but you would mostly find a mother in law (who is a woman herself) being the main reason behind an evil system that’s going on for generations. 

When you cannot control and preach equality amongst your children…it’s useless to think of justice in society
 It’s said Charity starts from home…it simply means when you have to be benevolent amongst your family members first to shower you kindness to the world.

Another regretful fact about debauchers is that almost 80% of these sexual abuses are committed by known people like friends and distance a family member…which again compels one to look at the root of these evils that is our family and our surroundings.

Therefore I believe the role of parents has increased to a manifold as a parent now, not only needs to teach their children to respect and look up both the genders equally but they should themselves behave ideally. It’s a parent’s duty to know about their wards surrounding like their friends group and the people they meet regularly.  They should take to their task about the behavior of their ward and the language they speak (especially when you found your ward speaking of any foul language) and should keep a close eye on the people they interact via social media, internet or the traits they follow by the movies they see. I am not talking of keeping restriction on all but one should carefully monitor about the timing and clothes their ward wears and places they visit.  It’s said Parents should become friends to their son/daughter after the age of 18 but I believe they should be friends right from their birth as such you and your children share everything with each other and in this way you would know what your child is going through from thick and thin and thus will be able to evade any mishaps in future as I firmly believe -
Debauchers are not born in Terrorist camps…they are born out from the surroundings they grow in and it’s a cumulative Impression they form right from their childhood.

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