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Dear Santa Claus,

By Glenn Waterman

Dear Santa Claus,You’re fired.

Oh, don’t give me that “Ho-ho-ho-no” bit. You know what I’m saying to you. You’re canned. Downsized. Given the shiny black boot. How about sacked, does that ring a jingle bell with you? So stay off of my roof and don’t try coming down my chimney this year - I’ve closed the flue. Oh, and pick up after your damn reindeer before you leave – don’t you gift pooper-scoopers?

Yeah, yeah. I know I’ve been writing to you for 50-plus straight years and now you’re wondering what the hell made this year different from all of the rest. Let’s just say I have enough underwear and socks already. Let’s just say I’m not buying that “the Maserati’s in the mail” line you give me every year. Let’s just say I don’t need you to get all the merry Christmas gifts I really want and wish for.

I’ve found

After all the Christmas wrapping I’ve ripped through, not once did you ever leave me presents like the ones I found on this cool website. So hit the road - I’ll get them myself. And I don’t even have to sit on the lap of an overweight, unshaven, old man to get them.

Why, there’s so many thoughtful and useful things on this site, I can do my Christmas shopping for family and friends, all in one place.

And when that happens, don’t be surprised if my relatives and pals start locking you out of their houses too. They won’t need you either, once they learn where I got their nifty Yuletide presents. Check these out, Santa baby, and tell me if your little army of elves can bang together stuff like this using a few pieces of wood, a little glue and some paint.


Everyone knows what happens when you take your average human, mix in a volcanic intestinal disturbance and a couple of magazines, put them all in a bathroom, close the door and – poop – you got yourself a missing person. Well, if you’re going to be in there for a couple of hours anyway, why not put that down time to good use and turn yourself into a golf pro! You’ll be the envy of your golfing buddies as they watch you effortlessly sink putt after putt, even if your pants happen to drop down around your ankles. And when they ask how you do it, hand them a pack of chewable laxatives, wink and head off for the next tee. Or the men’s room in the clubhouse. And it’s only $23.99!

Reach into that big bag, jolly old St. Nick, and pull out one of these gifts for me. Aha – I thought not.


Your car engine blows up. The wife leaves you. The kids leave you. The hamster leaves you. Life sure can be full of those occasional occasions that will leave you speechless. At a loss for words, even. Well, no more. Just a push of this button and … enough said. In 10 different “rage-conducive WTF! phrases,” according to the description. There’s a wild-west one, a piano-ballad version, even a rap-style one. You’ll be ready with an answer to whatever life throws at you. At the push of a button. And all for just $14.99.

And speaking of buttons,


Let’s say you’re in Switzerland for the holidays. Maybe climbing around in the Alps. Suddenly, a storm comes up the mountainside, a blast of wind topples you from the summit and there you are - hanging from a rocky crag by only one strap of your lederhosen. What are you going to do?

Well, that’s easy, thanks to You’re going to reach into one of your knee socks, pull out this little device, aim it down toward the civilization below you and push the button. In no time at all, you’ll be surrounded by more Gunthers and Hildas than you can throw a bag of Swiss chocolate at. Probably a couple of slobbering St. Bernard’s too. And all brought to you with one press of your … Emergency Yodel Button.

And while we’re on the subject of being saved, let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas. Rest assured, the people at didn’t. But it’s just in their own special, slightly odd, way.


When my son was young, he used to play with He-Man action figures. If he were a wee lad today, I know he’d be playing with his The Man action figure. I know that because I’d buy this Jesus action figure for him. Talk about your superhero, saving the day … the world. And it would only set me back $10.99.


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