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Dear Republicans: A Shock Is Coming

Posted on the 09 August 2012 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

Chick-Fil-Gay, which is the first member of the Wrong Wing’s Blacklist and who openly fights against gay equality and civil rights, reported booming sales as legions of homophobic, intolerant, and generally no good people flocked to gorge their enormous bellies on good old Christian fried chicken. The conservatives raised their paper cups for a toast: you see, hatred can still be popular. But don’t slip into a food coma yet Republicans, your days of open intolerance are numbered.

demographic shifts in politics

A few less votes for Romney

Already more than half of Americans support the true idea of equality in society and the corresponding right of marriage which equality entitles to gay people. Obama finally came out on his views — which he was clearly keeping in the closet until the country way ready. Companies and work spaces, forced to not discriminate based on sexual orientation, have done a lot to eliminate stigmas. Gay pride parades are popping up everywhere. No matter where you look, our society is becoming more open.

Republicans will give every effort they have to keep gays from marrying, as their false interpretation of the Bible gives them the belief to carry on. But being gay has a huge advantage: it is not a belief, it is a fundamental individual characteristic as natural and unchangeable as your height or the color of your skin. Beliefs are not as strong as that which cannot be changed. Therefore, the world will eventually (read: soon) become a place where being gay is no longer considered grounds to be persecuted.

Even young, racist, and homophobic Republicans are much more open and much less vocal than their parents and grandparents. The biggest force in conservative politics is old people who are completely unwilling to change. They cling to false illusions of the past while lament the demise of modern day morality. They poison their offspring, and try to keep them separated from real life until they are too old to be changed. They donate portions of their estates to help groups that work to implement gay marriage bans. They are relics of an age gone by, and they will soon be dead.

The Wrong Wing holds nothing but the highest respect for our elders, but only our elders who deserve our respect: our elders who fought against segregation, who broke trends by hiring people who were different, who served our country to keep it an open, law-abiding place that we enjoy today. Our elders who wondered whether dumping pollutants into drinking water was a bad idea, or our elders who fought tirelessly to have lead, a potent neuro-toxin, removed from our gasoline. These are the people that we respect, unfortunately, they are not quite as numerous.

Republicans are enjoying a bounce now, but in ten to twenty years, the politics of the United States will look a lot different, and a lot less like the Republicans would like.

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