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Dear KFC

By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard

Dear KFC
Dear KFC,
Your chips are delicious. They are the ultimate naughty, salty snack. I don’t visit your drive-thru often, as I have a style blog now. I wear clothes on the internet and I don’t want things to get too tight. But speaking of salty, I would just like to have a talk to you about the quantities you add to the fries. Sometimes, I have to hang my hand out the window of my car and shake the box, to remove the mountains of excess. Other times, I open the lid eagerly and there is no salt to speak of. And I die a little in that moment. There is nothing worse than a plain chip.
I know what you are thinking: we can’t please everyone! I’m sure this is frustrating. You must be sick of all the backchat about chicken salt and tummy upsets. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful, but sometimes I feel like your staff do it on purpose. Maybe I am just a little paranoid as I am suffering mild dehydration from consuming a large chips on the way home today. 
As I reluctantly stuffed the powdery chips into my mouth I thought of a solution to the problem re over-salting. I will share it with you.
As with many things in life, it’s all about consistency and balance. How about you devise a salt to chip ratio that all your gourmet restaurants can follow. You could do some tests. I am happy to come on board as a taster. Maybe two shakes of the salt to one scoop of chips? Maybe three? You will know better than I do. Then maybe you could train your staff to always follow the consistency rule. And if you get the odd difficult customer, you could offer them a little sachet of extra salt. I realize this will be an outlay in cost, but I believe that it will balance out once your staff are no longer dousing the chips with a heavy hand. Also, it will make people like me happier, and then we are more likely to call in on the way home because our partner is making the awful vegetarian dish again that we hate.
Well I just thought I would give you some friendly feedback.
Don’t mind me, just solving the world’s most meaningless problems, one deep-fried potato at a time.
Much love,
Sweet Apple x
Dear KFCDear KFCDear KFCDear KFCDear KFC

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