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Dear Katie Couric: They're Just Regular Guys With Dicks

By Nick Chaleunphone @Kamododragoon

Dear Katie Couric: They're just Regular Guys With Dicks Reblogged from GenderTrender:

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"Later when Couric introduced Carerra, she said that “she was born a man and that’s why she’s on our show,” making it very clear that she’s only interesting because of her transition. Couric continued to focus on that part of Carerra’s life when she said that after being onRupaul’s Drag Race, Carrera “realized she was done acting like a woman and wanted to become one.” However, the real trouble started when Couric started to ask Ms.

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Of course they are MALE. They are Male MEN by DNA and no matter how many surgeries or hormones are pumped into the body, they are still men regardless if they put a dress on or not. They can't face the Biological reality, but Katie Couric doesn't realize that she's talking to MEN with a fetish for women. What it shows is that they are trying to get society to play along with their fantasy and delusions. It seems NO ONE is buying and and certainly Katie Couric is NOT buying it as well   This entry was posted in intersex and tagged American Broadcasting Company, DNA, HPV vaccine, Human papillomavirus, Katie, Katie Couric, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo. Bookmark the permalink.

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