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DEAR FRIDAY: And You Know It’s Such a Trip

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Dear Joe
I’m so excited for our next chapter and I PROMISE I won’t make the house too girly for you.

Dear LC
So you like your little pumpkin outfit. Cute. To think that you hated wearing things. My mistake.

Dear Andre
I guess it’s molting season for you. Oh my! So many feathers all over the place.

Dear Sleep
We need to spend more time together. I think next week it’ll still be off. Thanks shift worker life!

Dear Troll
Do you mind going out and scoring yourself a life and stop trying to bring mine down to your level. I don’t bother you and your life, I don’t sit there for hours, scrolling through all my social media platforms trying to find something – anything – you don’t like to use against me. I don’t claim to be a saint or better than anyone else. I’m just me. I don’t make anyone unhappy and I don’t break the law. Unlike YOU!

Dear Garden
I’m pretty excited to start you, even before we move to our new house.

Comparing boy arguments vs girl arguments

Joe: “You know, if that happened in boy world, next time I see him I’d ask, “Mate, why you being a dickhead?”

DEAR FRIDAY: And you know it’s such a trip

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