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Dealing with Spots.

By Mollylouise
Anything not perfect is a teenage girls disaster. In the mind you think of greasy headed burger flipper who is very unhygienic as portrayed in shows like The Simpsons. That's where it's wrong. Acne can happen to anyone whether they are clean or not. Having acne for several years I have a few tips on how to get clearer skin over time.
1) Don't wash your face with all different cleansers, toners and scrubs as they irritate acne which makes its a lot worse. Yes, it gets rid of dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt but the ingredients dry the skin out and your skin must be moisturised. I recommend if you like using products likes cleansers, toners and scrubs, don't buy the stores own brand since they use cheap products and sell for cheap. Make sure you use Simple products or Johnsons baby range as they are made for sensitive skin. Remember don't scrub!

2) If you have a fringe/bangs keep them out of your face. This is where my skin went wrong. The oils from you hair is on your face and it is more likely you are going to break out because of the excess oil.

3) Don't pop or pick. Popping my reduce the look of the spot but it is spreading more bacteria around your face causing more break outs. The spot will also stay there longer. Leave your face alone. 

4) Try not to touch your face too much. If your hand aren't clean you are spreading the dirt around you face.

5) Change your pillow case every 2-3. Don't change your whole bedspread just because you want 'perfect skin' that is only wasting water and energy. Why I say this is because when you sleep you are not wearing any makeup so your face will be oily and the oil will be transferred on to your pillow case.

6) Cut back on wearing high coverage concealers, foundations and powers. Covering your face with makeup is only adding more ingredients that cause and worsen acne. Wearing less makeup shows a good improvement in a week or so..

Dealing with spots.

Acetate - My lifesaver!

7) Don't think a tan will get rid of the spot. It doesn't! Although your skins looks sunkissed the fake tan/sunbed has ingredients that aren't good for skin. Sunbed worse of all. The tan will only hide the redness. It doesn't improve the skin.

8) Go to your doctor or dermatologist and get a prescription for accutane/acetate as after 3 months of use it should clear the skin right up.

9) If you have a full fringe wash it daily as your hair oils and the oil on you hair makes you break out more so.

By the way I'm not a skin expert but I know how my skin is and what makes it visibly clearer. This may not work for everyone but it works for me. :)
Dealing with spots.

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