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Days to Go: 321

By Claire

It’s not been a busy week wedding-wise this week. I have (finally) got in touch with my florist. I’ve asked him to send me a final quote so that I can update my spreadsheet, but other than that, it’s all  been quiet on the wedding front.

I have made plans to begin the hunt for bridesmaid dresses over my holiday in a week. I like Alfred Angelo 7016, as do my bridesmaids, however I can’t find it at an affordable price. I have 4 adult bridesmaids plus my oldest niece so the hunt continues.

While I’ve not done much for my our wedding, I have been blogging this week!

I wasn’t feeling very bride-like on Monday so I made a post all about how to feel like a bride. Well, it’s difficult to feel like a bride when your wedding planning stretches over two and a half years, and the wedding is still months away!

I also wanted to post about the best man’s fitting as it was a fairly emotional fitting for me. I felt we were bringing together different elements of the wedding, it made it seem more real. I don’t think anyone else got emotional, just me. We did, however, take lots of pictures of the best man all dressed up. I was tempted to ask them to put h2b in a suit so we could take photos but I thought that might be a touch too cheeky.

On Wednesday I went to a wedding fayre at Madeley Court Hotel. I love going to wedding fayres, I’m a bit of an addict. (Well… free cake! That should be enough for anyone!) It was a fairly small wedding fayre, really, with only a handful of exhibitors. The Madeley Court wedding fares are normally fairly busy so I do try to visit.

I have been looking at photo thank you cards. I’m a bit obsessed with photos, I’ll take a picture of everything and anything! I was thinking of sending out photo thank you cards to my guests. A friend of mine sent out Photobox cards that were really nice and it reminded us of her day, so I thought of doing the same! I’ve been looking into the best and most affordable photo cards.

To be a bit controversial, I’ve been thinking about whether or not to invite children to weddings. I’m not sure what every one else thinks about having children at weddings: some brides want to ban the baby, other brides welcome children at their weddings. There are pros and cons to having children at weddings.

Actually, that does sound like a busy week!

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