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Days to Go: 313

By Claire

I’ve finished my research into the top wedding websites!

If you google for free wedding websites, there are so many results and so many different websites, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Each site offers different styles of website, different functions and they all have ways of making them unique. Some allow for embedded html, some don’t. It depends what you are after.

I looked into the top google results: Project, My, Big Day, Wedding, Wedding and Getting They each have their own fantastic elements, however in my opinion, some are better than others.

What I found was, if you’re a bit tech savvy and know how to use html, I’d reccomend Wedding The sites have excellent functionality, good site designs (but only a few different ones) and it allows for embedded html.

If you’re not too tech savvy and just want a site that does it all for you, My is the wedding website for you!

I do go into this in a bit more detail on my blog but I was so glad I finally finished the website research, have chosen my wedding website and can let my invitation lady know the website address, that I just had to share it with everyone! Yay!

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