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Days to Go: 195

By Claire

I’m not sure if I enjoyed it more because I was chatting to people directly involved with our wedding (the vicar, the church flowers lady) or if it was because they had a mock wedding, but it really was the best wedding fayre I’ve been to! (And I’ve been to a lot!)

Thanks to visiting this wedding fayre, we have now found out we can afford a floral arch over the entrance to the church! A bargain £40 above the doors! I thought a floral arch was going to be an extravagance we wouldn’t be able to afford. I’m over the moon that we’re actually going to be able to have one!

I have also been converted to the ways of the wedding magician! I’ve never been a fan of wedding magic, but after meeting Magic by Mark, he was just amazing!

Mark asked me to choose a card at random, which I thought I did after watching him shuffle the deck. Before I’d even had time to write my name on my card he told me the card I had! Mind reading! Once I’d written my name on the card he made it appear at the top of the deck, and then I held it in my hand. Now, I watch Darren Brown and I know how some tricks are done. I held that card tight in my hand, I wasn’t going to be fooled. I’d written my name on my card, there’s no way he could have swapped it. Mark waved a hanky over my hand and the card was different! Now I want to know how it’s done! I didn’t feel the card move and I’m fairly certain he gave me my card to begin with. I’d checked it!

Well, I thought it was impressive, anyway!

One of the best parts of the wedding fayre was bumping into one of my friends from primary school! She is getting married at the same church as me just two weeks later. It was not only nice catching up with what she’s doing at the moment, but it was nice to discuss our wedding plans and our planning choices.

We made some fantastic hymn and reading choices, one of the readings being an Apache Blessing!

Apart from the church flowers (because they do their own) there isn’t much of an update on my florist situation. I’m probably going to have a rethink and try again.

Tomorrow the wedding fayre is at our reception venue! They’ve changed the wedding coordinator so it’ll be a good chance to say hello.

And I’ve managed to squeeze in some school work too! So yay! A productive weekend!

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