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Days to Go: 18

By Claire

I realize that 18 days to go is an odd num­ber to blog, but we have been so busy recently I haven’t been able to blog!

Time is zoom­ing by and lots of things are falling into place! We had a meet­ing with a wed­ding coor­di­na­tor at our Recep­tion venue and sorted out lots of lit­tle twid­dly bits.

It was really excit­ing to talk to the wed­ding coor­di­na­tor, we could really pic­ture the day and we were both in such a happy mood!

Days to Go: 18

The pic­ture above is of our wed­ding venue, I took that photo. I really hope the weather is this beau­ti­ful when it’s our wed­ding. This photo was tak­ing on our wed­ding date two years ago, and the weather last year was beau­ti­ful as well. Fin­gers are def­i­nitely crossed!

My wed­ding dress is now safely at home ready to be worn and all the gents have been mea­sured with their suits.

I am so, so excited. H2b is excited too, in his own incred­i­bly calm way. I’ve been a bit snowed under with school work and he’s taken over a few of the jobs we need to do. He’s been doing lots of typ­ing and check­ing the fine details, mak­ing sure that noth­ing is forgotten.

Even though, we are so excited! I can’t believe that in a few days I’m going to be a mar­ried woman. I don’t sup­pose much will change in real­ity, except my name and our legal status.

I’ve writ­ten in detail about what’s been hap­pen­ing with the plan­ning process on my blog, Wed­ding Thoughts. It’s just so hard to realize that it’s only 18 days to go!

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