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Days to Go: 163

By Claire

Wedding things are, however, starting to take over our living room. I’ve ordered and received all our wedding favours which includes bubbles, boxes and little organza bags.

Days to Go: 163

I’m also collecting shoe boxes to use to put all the tables items in. All the favours for table one will be in one box with the place name sittings and the table plan for that table. So those shoe boxes are all piled in a corner of the living room.

My h2b is also planning on making a photobooth for the wedding, which means we have photo frames leaning against the living room walls.

Days to Go: 163

This is a photo of the photobooth my friend had and I thought it was such a fantastic idea that h2b and I wanted to copy! H2b is now going to make himself a photobooth! I really can’t wait to see what it looks like as I am trying to leave him to it. That’s not easy for me as I like to be involved in everything, but I am taking a back seat on this. Although I will be blogging all about it!

But generally I’m going weeks and months without needing to do anything wedding related. We are doing little bits here and there: making the name tabs for the tables, the photobooth, the table confetti, but it’s just really slow.

I’m still as excited as a bottle of pop though!



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