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Day 5 Begins

By Bertyc @bertyc
Day 5 begins
It's hard to believe we're at day 5 already. We passed into South Australia from the Northern Territory late yesterday.and are now offically at kilometer 1825.5 km on the course. That leaves about 1175km to go. At 34 hours of driving time, our current average speed is 54km/h. Not the greatest, but we're up near the lead. I'm still impressed, especially considering we ripped off our tail and boot-strapped another. Some teams may have walked away.
But fear not everyone - things are looking good this morning. The batteries are charging really nicely. We should be able to head towards our next checkpoint - Cadney Homestead at close to 80km/hour. The Array should give us a good 6 amp hours at our half hour stop in Cadney. Just looked over and we're taking down half the array. It's only 7:20 and the car is actually charging too fast. We'll be leaving our spot this morning with a full battery! Look for another update in 3-4 hours.

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