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Day 2 Clue of #WhatTheBlack Mystery

By Poutpretty @PoutPretty
If you have read this post on Blogadda's #WhatTheBlack activity, you will know that I was expecting the second clue today and it arrived in the form of a newspaper! Yes and it is black in color with the name of What The Black Times! One more day to go before the mystery is revealed to all of us but I'm still stumped.
Like any detective who first tries to think of what's common between clues and hints, I have done the same. So the first day I received an egg which was colored black and the second day I got a newspaper that is all black. What's the connection? Well, both things are originally white and have turned black. So the product could be something that has been available in white but is coming out in a new black avatar. But what is it?? Any idea?
Day 2 Clue of #WhatTheBlack Mystery

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