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Day #18

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
I am rather sad today, did you see the picture of the dog laying next to the casket of the fallen soldier?  I just couldn't shake that image.  Animals are amazing, loving beings.  I'm really grateful to have the love of my pup; he's the best dog in the world!(I hear that's how parents feel about their kids :) 
On the Detox front, today I am feeling slightly uninspired.  I hope trying some new recipes this weekend will perk me back up.  Guess what's next on coming back in a bit here and there; sugar!  This is a dangerous one I know(I have a horrid sweet tooth, sugar addiction).  But all or nothing makes me crazy; as in deprive = binge.  So... in small amounts(for example I am using some in a recipe for Vegan/Gluten Free Brownies, and yes there will be pics, recipes and a review) it's time to try it here and there.  I will continue to play around with sweeteners(honey, agave syrup, date sugar, brown rice syrup, turbinado, etc.) and mostly stay away from white processed sugar.  Did you know that they actually process sugar with bone char from cows?  Not to mention white processed sugar is just bad!(hurts so good...)
Defining "good health" is a journey, not a destination...  What are your plans for the weekend?  What are you going to do that's healthy and FUN too? 
Where I wish I was: Vida Vegan Con; the first ever VEGAN bloggers conference, right here in Portland!  I really need to get on the ball, and go to one of the many blogger events around this fine country of ours.  *sigh* Must add to my To Do List!  Note to self: start To Do List...  

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