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Day #17 Other Measures of Health

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
Day #17 Other Measures of HealthIt's hot and humid here today!  While I type I am sipping on this cool refreshing glass of iced mint tea; so simple and tasty!  Today has been interesting... I struggled with a pose in yoga; the eagle - and it threw me off.  My arms did not want to wrap themselves around each other, and it did not feel good in any way.  Sometimes I'll find a pose that challenges me, but it usually feels good - not this one.  Of course, what made it more challenging was to be the only one in class who couldn't get it.  I know that's not what yoga is about; it's "my practice" but it's moments like those, that offer so much learning;
1) My best has nothing to do with anyone else's best.
2) Practice means trying, trying is succeeding.
3) Patience and love, moves me further than impatience and disgust.
The past couple of days I have really had a desire to get on the scale to see what I weigh; I'm glad that I chose not to until the end of 30 days.  Sometimes, it's very hard to remember that this is about health, not how much weight I lose.  I, like everyone I know, am so conditioned to believe that weight is the best indicator of health; but it is only one.  For example - the way I have been feeling is a good indicator; more energy(without caffeine!!!), more positive, clothes fitting more loosely, more loving towards myself and others, more inspired ~ all in the past 17 days.  And yet the ole' habits of wanting to base whether I am successful or not, by stepping on that scale is creeping in...  Perhaps I will continue with the once a month weighing in.
How does seeing the number on the scale affect you when it's not what you were hoping for/expecting? What would it be like to look to other measures of health besides your number on the scale?  Does it scare you to think of refraining from stepping on the scale for a month?  What other things could you use to tell you whether your health is headed in the direction you want to see it go?  Aren't you tired of a number dictating to you how you feel about yourself?

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