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Day #15 Listening to Your Own Answers

By Healthhungry @Healthhungry
Greetings to you!  I took the weekend to restore - funk be gone!  Today has been a good day so far; it started with wonderful yoga which as usual started the day in the best way!  Before my class, I had a breakfast with my new smoothie add ins;  a scoop of Vegan Vanilla Rice Protein, 1 scoop of Orange Dreamsicle flavored Greens(seriously!) some frozen banana and almond milk - yum!  After yoga, I came home and had an apple with some Sunflower Nut Butter on top - a satisfying post work-out treat!
We had our first wheat add in day on Saturday; though the whole one serving idea went right out the window...  I spent yesterday paying for it.  baaaaaaaaad idea...  So, back to mostly no wheat, and the option to have it in things... or to try to stick to a little at a time!  My boyfriend said he wants to start adding in dairy next, but I don't want to go back to dairy - so he said; what's left?  What is still out; sugar, caffeine, meat, dairy.  It's such an interesting process, really trying to listen to what our bodies want and need.
The intention behind the detox or "elimination" month was to give our bodies a break from digesting things that typically cause people issues(aka allergens), and to break our addiction to the things we eat in excess.  What I have learned for myself, is that - for the most part, I want to continue eating in this way;
~ Breakfast ~ Fruit and/or Fruit Smoothie or Oatmeal.
~ Lunch ~ Salad with a variety of raw veggies, nuts and seeds, or beans, and oil free dressing.  I will likely switch it up to adding some soup, or something warm when I crave it...
~ Dinner ~ Protein source, potatoes/rice/or grains/ and cooked veggies.
In between meals can be fruits and veggies/nut butter, lots of water - avoiding processed foods and added sugars.  One day a week, we will likely allow ourselves to answer the call to our cravings; allowing a little more freedom to prevent feeling deprived.  Those days will come in handy for special occasions!
I believe the key to being successful will be trying a lot of new recipes... it can feel limiting when I cook the same things over and over again - and how I'm cooking will be a little different than what I'm used to, so there will be a learning curve.  The other "key" for me is to remember it's okay to allow some fluidity to avoid the "guilt" and binge cycle.  For example, avoiding labels like Vegan - because if I decide to have a piece of cheese or salmon once in awhile, I shouldn't feel bad.  Though I will likely eat Vegan 80% of the time, what works for me, is to allow for life to happen - and trust that everyone has their path, just as I have mine.
How about you?  Do you struggle with finding a sustained way of eating?  Do you find yourself on strict plans, only to "fall off the wagon", beat yourself up, and vow to "start again" on Monday?  What would your life be like if you began to trust your body's knowing?  What if you stopped looking to other people, or diet plans for you answers, and practiced listening to your own?

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