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David Beckham Classic Fragrance an Ultra-modern Signature

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

Prepare to revise your classics,  David Beckham introduces his new fragrance for men: Classic, a woody citrus spicy scent that captures the unique spirit of David’s celebrated look. The perfect finishing touch, David Beckham Classic is the essential new accessory for men with enduring style. A modern classic.

David Beckham Classic Single Page HD

David Beckham Classic fragrance an ultra-modern signature

Renowned for his innate fashion sense, David Beckham is an international icon; the embodiment of 21st century masculinity. His undeniable allure comes from his ability to wear classic looks with his own modern twist, creating trend-setting styles. Effortlessly cool in casual attire or a sharp-tailored suit, David carries off every outfit with confidence, charm and poise. It’s no wonder that the world watches his every move with fascinated awe.


David Beckham Classic fragrance an ultra-modern signature

Inspired by David’s flawless style, David Beckham Classic has an ultra-modern signature. A fizzy mix of gin tonic accord, lime and galbanum gives the fragrance an initial burst of effervescent freshness. From this emerges a spicy yet crisp body of cypress, nutmeg and mint that entices the senses.  Finally, in the drydown, a blend of warm woody notes and addictive ambermax adds a refined elegance.


David Beckham Classic fragrance an ultra-modern signature

Talking about David Beckham Classic, David Beckham says, “I like to think that I’ve got my own distinct look, which reflects who I am. My new fragrance, Classic, is an expression of my style – it’s a modern, masculine scent which I hope will appeal to everybody”

It’s time to discover a scent with incredible style: David Beckham Classic

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David Beckham Classic fragrance an ultra-modern signature


David Beckham introduces David Beckham Classic, his new fragrance for men. Capturing the unique spirit of David’s iconic style, which blends traditional tailoring with modern flair, this woody citrus spicy scent is the perfect expression of contemporary elegance. Revise your classics.

Top Notes: Gin Tonic Accord, Lime, Albanum

Heart Notes: Cypress Orpur, Nutmeg, Fresh Mint

Dry Down: Texas Cedarwood, Ambermax, Vetiver

Range: Eau de Toilette 60ml – $39, 90ml – $49

Deodorant Spray 150ml – $6.99

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