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Dating & Religion: Changing Your Beliefs for Love

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Dating & Religion: Would You Change Your Beliefs for Love?

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Janet Jackson married business man Wissam Al Mana and then basically dropped off the face of the earth. There have been no photographs of her looking blissfully happy or any regular sightings of her since she announced she was retiring and converting to Islam. Word on the street (the gossip columns) is that she is not happy in her marriage, misses performing, and now has to stay covered up all the time after converting to Islam. Her husband Al Mana allegedly wants to add a second wife so that he can have children. This leads me to one question; how far would you go to marry a man? How much do you change of yourself for someone else? And is changing your beliefs for love worth it?

I am no stranger to dating men of different cultural and religious backgrounds. In fact, I can say that most men (not all) who are deep rooted in their religion will not marry someone with a different religious background. However, let me keep it real; they will have no problem dating, having sex, and having an affair with you. Not to mention that some are already married or promised to someone else. Some I could barely understand, others were so dominant until it was a turn off, and a few were obviously looking for a green card. No thank you!

If a man chooses to marry someone of a different religion some will require one to convert. This is often not an easy thing to do; you need to think long and hard about what’s required of you as a wife when you marry someone whose beliefs are so much different than yours. And you should also make sure that your sexual preferences align as well! Because certain acts that we love may not be permissible in another religion.

It certainly can’t be easy to go from being a mega superstar to a covered up submissive wife. And I’m pretty sure she knew that in some cases Islam men can take up to 4 wives as long as they can take care of them financially. When you date someone of a completely different religious background you have to take some time to really understand their religion and what would happen should things progress. It is something that requires thought. I’ll be the first to say that this is something I could not do; not even for love. I don’t think I could put myself in that situation.

One of the things I love about this world is that it is made up of diverse cultures and religions. I respect people and their beliefs, but it is also very hard to shift gears from learned beliefs to something that is so totally different.

Would you change your beliefs for love?

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