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Dating Pet Peeves: The Invisible Third Person

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Months ago, I remember reading a full list of dating pet peeves that alienate both men and women. Nothing is worst than going on a date with an annoying person. Some people make up an excuse to leave (yeah, I’ve done that), and others just stick it out (yeah, I’ve done that too). That’s one of the many reasons why I often choose to drive during the first few dates. The second worse thing is going on a date with an annoying person and you didn’t drive. Not only do you get to be with them during whatever activity the both of you have planned, but now you also get to ride in the car with Mr. or Ms. Annoying. Just call yourself stuck!

I like to think that I’ve been on enough dates to know what’s cute and what’s flat out annoying. One of the pet peeves that I have is when someone consistently refers to themselves in the third person. In a nutshell, they talk about themselves as if they were talking about someone else.

Me: What do you like to do for fun?

Date: Well you know, Tony like to do a lot of things!

Me: Do you like amusement parks, I really like roller coasters?

Date: Naw, Tony don’t ride roller coasters boo!

Waitress: Would you like more water?

Date: No, Tony don’t need any more water.

Me: Is there someone else here name Tony?

Date: Naw, I’m the only Tony here!

I could probably deal with the grammar, but after spending an hour with Tony, I’m beginning to think that maybe there’s an invisible third person on this date. Tony has referred to himself in the third person so much until I’m wondering if he suffers from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and has possibly forgotten that he is Tony!

Maybe I’m a little too harsh; hmmm maybe not! This possibly wouldn’t bother someone else but it annoying as hell to me. This is not cute and somehow people have gotten the impression that it is. My advice for the day is, please refrain from using third person unless you’re talking about someone other than yourself. Don’t subject others to that form of ridiculousness. It’s annoying and Shauntee don’t play that. LOL

What are some of your dating pet peeves?

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