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Date a Girl Who Knows the Difference

By Wickedying @wickedying

Date a Girl Who Knows the Difference

Date a Girl who knows the Difference 

by Jessica Ann Magno of The Rainbow in Disguise

For months now I have seen blogs which titles start with “Date a Girl/ Guy who…” And almost all the time after reading them I feel like something is missing, something I feel should have been said all at the same article and yet I find bits and pieces of it strewn across all its different versions. I can identify with each one, YES.

But to say I am to be “chosen” or merited for just reading, writing, surfing, playing sports or running is a “gross” understatement of what I am capable of. Or that it might only seek to imprison me as only to be deemed a choice because of just ONE thing I like or am good at doing.  They all have facts and points to consider but from being in a relationship for more than year, I’d like to say that I am not claiming to know what LOVE is all about. But it doesn’t hurt to let the ones closest to me find what they most need in life, as sometimes Love is Blind and regret becomes a painful pill to swallow at the end of a bad relationship.

So to everyone I have tagged in this note. Either you’re already the, or choose the Girl who knows the Difference.

She is neither tough nor soft. But she is calm and confident. She knows her rules and sits comfortably a meter away from its limits. If she tries to inch closer, she has that glint in her eye that says “watch me, I will surprise you” and just like that she tiptoes to the edge. But draws back just in time because she knows the difference between what’s right and wrong. And never seeks to blur the difference just to get what she wants.

She is neither vapid nor overly intelligent, but she is well-read and well-traveled. She is not worldly in the sense of experience in the unmentionables but the World is something she seeks to understand and she’ll do it everyday. She can keep upbeat conversations with  Street Vendors to heads of State and while she does this, she knows she walks best with shoes that match either her handbag or her clutch. She knows the difference between too much information and knowing enough to answer questions well that way she does not offend anyone.

She is neither crass nor classless. She was raised with principles and values that she won’t trade even for the world’s most delicious dimples or abs. She knows the difference between her silverware but when she’s hungry she eats as if she never feels bad about her body. She loves it every inch, curve, and flaw and she feels sexy no matter what you say. If you suggest otherwise that she needs to change what she looks like for you. Then you are in for a surprise. Because you should know that the girl who knows the difference between being superficial and special is a keeper no matter what.

She is neither bratty nor catty, but she does not want to be stepped on. She knows her place in everything and prefers to keep her business to herself. If you befriend her first and get to know her you will see the fire in her heart for the people that she values: her Family and friends, she is silent when she isn’t disturbed but engage her and she will show you where you ought to be placed. She values loyalty so think twice before stealing what’s hers. No one quite fits the bill of being scary than a girl who knows the difference between cars that’ll be perfect to run people over with and the words to write in order for you to feel that you are not being proper.

She is neither spoiled nor self-absorbed, but she values the openness she is allowed to enjoy in order to show people she’s not afraid to be who she is in front of them. She does what she thinks is right, after thinking about it enough. No one knows exactly how she’s going to react every time she makes a move, for the girl who knows the difference between good and bad publicity is the kind of girl who knows her strengths and keeps them ready for anything, and anyone.

She is neither pompous nor pathetic, because she is beautiful in every sense of the word. Because she is blessed with a good heart and she will love you no matter what. But do not underestimate her patience because the girl who knows the difference between what she’s getting and what she deserves is the kind of girl who will show you that when it comes to love no one wins by taking all the time and never giving in return. And the girl who knows the real difference between being loved and being used is the same girl who will teach you that the world may revolve in love but you are not always going to be the synonym for it if you do not work hard to keep it that way.

She is neither a rumor monger nor an attention grabber, because she lives by her own expectations instead of living parallel to what others say. She is contented with that she is dealt with and seeks to push everyone else forward than rain on their parade. She is comfortable with competition as she wastes no time getting ahead when it is not the most important thing on her list. She is vibrant and approachable. She will make you see the best in everybody. She is not quick to pass judgment but she stands by everything she says. She won’t need to demand for attention from you. Because she knows she already has all of it. The line is true, for she already had you at “Hello”.

She is neither a fashion faux pas nor a fashion nazi, she dresses to feel comfortable and feel good about herself. She knows the difference between dressing like the Duchess of Cambridge and Lady Gaga at the VMA’s. She is simple yet elegant. And she chooses special occasions to dress to the nines. She understands fashion but does not always follow its trends. Instead, she makes her own decisions by knowing what will look good on her. She will show you that wearing a bikini is not the only thing that will make your heart race and your jeans tighten. It is not what she is wearing, it is how she wears it with a smile that got you enthralled the first time you saw it.

She is neither cheap nor a spendthrift, because she knows the value of money. She may or may not be born with money but she talks about it least of all. Because she spends within her means and buys the things she needs versus the things that she wants. The girl who knows the difference between a good investment and a bad one means she’ll be focused on many other things in your relationship more than the things you can give her. She will not ask for much or demand for anything but you have to know when to spend for her. To be a good man doesn’t mean you buy your girl a gift after every mistake, or give her nothing at all. To be a good man means you will date a girl who knows the difference between money and happiness and to give her the second without having to spend too much of the first.

Date a Girl who knows the difference, or if you have already found her you are lucky because:

She is fearless and fun, because she knows the difference between work and play, she works hard enough to make her learn the things she didn’t get the chance to at school and uses everything to be independent and strong. She also knows the difference between fat and fab and keeps her activities varied. Take her to outdoor activities because she is up for anything. Just be careful with your ego because the girl who knows the difference between work and play means she’ll work hard and play harder. But when she decides to just wind down and do something that does not require a substantial amount of fear you will see that Life is always better when the girl you’re with knows the difference between having a good time and wasting it by doing nothing.

She is straightforward and diplomatic, and never fake. She thinks with her brain and feels with her heart. She knows exactly what she wants to say and when to say it. She will not beat around the bush with you and she won’t let you mull over details or make you try to read her mind. She will communicate well with you. She will enrich your heart, your spirit and your brain. Hell, if you are lucky she will even enrich your vocabulary. She also knows how to say things that are not very easy. She values honesty despite its costs because she delights in the truth and seeks both sides of it. She is nice because there is no need to act like Wednesday Addams all the time. The girl who knows the difference between putting on a mask and living well without it is the girl you who is most comfortable with herself.

She is charitable and enigmatic, she is light on her feet and always at the top of things. She is level-headed and responsible. She knows what is expected of her when trying times come. The Girl who knows the difference between watching bad things happen and helping those who are hit by it is the girl who knows her priorities and what it is like to do good for others. She will push you to open up your own heart to making a difference because she knows what it means to help those who cannot help themselves. She will make her stamp and refuse to associate this with telling people what she has done. But if you are lucky enough to date a girl who knows the difference between what and what not to bring during an emergency is the girl you ought to keep, she may be able to save your life after completing it.

She is family-centric just as she is friendly, you may date a girl and that relationship only involves the both of you but you also have to understand that she had a life before you, and it won’t stop after you. The girl who knows the difference between you and her friends and family is the type of girl who wants to keep people close. Who strives to be in the constant presence of good company and keeps it that way. She is protective of everyone, and respects everyone first of all. She will let you come and meet the people closest to her, and have them see the best she has seen in you, and if she decided to choose you, then you must be as exceptional as she is because the girl who is close to her family and friends is a girl who knows how to deal with the future and I’m sure if she’s with you now, she’s most likely investing in her future as much as you are. So don’t play with a girl who knows the difference between long term and short term goals. She is not interested in waiting for you to grow up. Afterall, you are the MAN remember?

She is the kind of girl you should bring home to meet your mother. You have found the girl of your dreams and she agreed to be with you. If she waited long enough for you to come along and has shared the best of who she is to you then you are as lucky as she is. But most of all, the girl you are with knows the difference between what’s really important and what is fleeting. And a good relationship with your parents is something that you both have to cultivate. For the girl you are with knows who exactly to thank for raising you well. After all, someone who grew up to be a Prince and treats her like a Princess was raised by a Queen for sure.

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