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Daniella on Design

By Objectsnotpaintings
Many years ago I had the pleasure of working for a woman who has since become a friend and a mentor.  Daniella Ohad, an educator, writer, and art advisor, has just launched a wonderful series of video blogs (also known as vlogs) about the always fascinating world of design. 
Daniella not only has a great eye for design but also great knowledge. It is a real privilege to accompany her on a private tour of the Noguchi Museum or receive a mini-lesson on the various uses of felt, a non-woven cloth. The videos are entertaining and informative. In just under five minutes you feel like a specialist yourself.  Each episode of "Daniella on Design" promises to be even more captivating than the last.
Episode 1:Felt
Episode 2: At the Noguchi Museum
Visit "Daniella on Design" on Facebook to learn more about the videos.

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