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Dancing With Your Dragon – Book Review

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

When I was given the opportunity to review Dancing With Your Dragon:  The Art of Loving Your Unlovable Self   by Shaeri Richards I jumped at the chance!  The book came to me just before Christmas.  I emailed  the author and explained that since the timing was a bit hectic I would start Dancing With Your Dragon – Book Reviewthe book after the holiday, but that just didn’t happen.  I had to take a quick peak and ended up reading it right then and there.  I kept saying to myself, “I’ll just read a little bit”, but by Christmas Eve I had devoured the first 5 chapters.

I was struck in my first impressions how Zen-like Dancing With Your Dragon is!   Dancing also provides the reader with end of the chapter work-throughs so you can put to use what you have just learned in your own life.

Dancing with your Dragon is the art of both reclaiming your power and developing the ability to use it.  It teaches us how to learn to open our self to the natural flow of Divine love no matter what is going on around us, and she does it all while weaving in the story of her own life (which, in and of itself, is fascinating).   Richards uses past life experience and personal knowledge to draw the reader into her world.  She touches on a whole host of subjects and ancient theories including spiritual alchemy and the esoteric.  (On a side note, I studied both alchemy and the esoteric years ago and I wish I had read Dancing first because it would have made the complex ancient subjects a LOT easier to understand.  That is how well she goes into these in her book).  I also loved how she meshed her knowledge of subjects into her story, it made for a very easy to comprehend and absorb.

The reader will find constructive information for repairing old traumas, healing old wounds, developing self respect, and not only reclaiming yourself — but maintaining yourself!  There is a lot of information packed into this one book!  One of my favorite quotes from Dancing With Your Dragon came early on as Shaeri Richards writes, “Intolerance is like picking at a pimple.  We want the thing to go away, but picking only creates scars.”

As someone who practices Zen I enjoyed this book and recommend Dancing With Your Dragon by Shaeri Richards.


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