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Dancing on Very Thin Ice

Posted on the 13 January 2013 by Tvalice @Alice_Pope

I have been watching this series of Dancing on Ice, mainly because there is nothing else on when I come in from work on a Sunday. But I’ve never really loved it, and I’m not sure why because judging by my taste in TV I should be completely obsessed. So, I’m breaking it down to try and understand why it doesn’t grab me as much as the other big reality shows (Strictly Come Dancing/X Factor)…

The things that are right with DOI:

  • Phillip Schofield (my love for the Schofe knows no bounds).
  • Getting to watch professional ice skaters do their job really well (in the professional routines, anyway)
  • Getting to watch celebrities – I use the term loosely – fall over
  • They wear pretty sparkly costumes

I was really scraping the barrel with that last one.

The things that are wrong with DOI:

  • We no longer get to look at Holly Willoughby. Christine Bleakley is nice and everything, but she’s no Holly.
  • It’s on a Sunday night, which is just wrong. As everyone knows, SATURDAY night is the home of reality TV. Sunday is for results night only, and by putting it all on a Sunday they have effectively ruined the structure of my weekend.
  • The show doesn’t lead up to anything. When X Factor and Strictly start, everyone knows that its the run up to Christmas, and every week its gets a little bit more sparkly and exciting. DOI feels a little anti-climatic in comparison.
  • They voted off Pamela Anderson in the first week. This would never have happened on Strictly. Its so disappointing.
  • Speaking of them voting people off, the way they structured the first two weeks is ridiculous – they had just six celebrities performing each week and voted one out each week, which wasn’t fair at all.
  • Jason Gardiner. He is mean, and not mean in a good way a la Craig Revel Horwood. Just mean. Maybe he just needs to get laid.
  • Half of the judging panel know nothing about ice skating.
  • Nobody really cares who wins.

In conclusion, DOI just isn’t as good as the other reality show offerings that ITV brings us throughout the year. Although I’ll probably carry on watching it as I’m always brain dead after work on a Sunday, and crave mindless entertainment. If my opinion of it improves then I will take it all back and explain myself, I promise…

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