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Dance Like Nobody's Business.

By Maddixfamily31 @inthemomentprod

The last couple of days, I've really enjoyed being with my kids. After school yesterday, Bella came home and wanted to play games on There she found the Fresh Beat Band songs and started playing the Rockstar song. We had a BLAST just dancing crazy, spinning about, and singing the words to the song...well she did more than me. I think we played that song about 5 times before I finally said I had enough. Mommy was worn out and burned some calories in the process. Yes, I did think that! :) 
Later last night, Noah thought I did something (not sure what) so funny and began to laugh uncontrollably. So much so, he almost lost his breath a couple of times. Of course my phone to record it was in the kitchen and I was having so much fun making him laugh so hard, I was not about to get up to get the phone because I'm sure by the time I came back the moment would have passed. It's OK. It's stored forever in mama's brain and I enjoyed every single minute of it!!!! They are a pure joy in my life!!! 
Today, I took Bella to the local library for the Build-It Lego's activity. Noah of course was there too and watched sister as she made her creation. She loved it! However, I have a reoccurring issue with Bella that I'm not sure how to handle because it happens almost every time we go somewhere. She has so much fun wherever we go that when it's time to leave, she flips out, cries, doesn't want to leave, wants to stay longer. It doesn't matter how long we've been somewhere either. It could 2 hours later and it still happens. She did that tonight when it was time to go. It was 45 minutes of play with Lego's of all kinds and you would think that would have been enough but no...she made a scene in the library and started crying with everyone looking at both of us and there isn't a whole lot I can do. The activity is over. It's not me saying it's time to go. So, I do my best and tell her we can play with her big Lego's when we get home. Not good enough. So, then I tell her we have to get home because it's time for Noah to eat and and get us something to eat and we'll find a great movie for us to watch together. That somewhat satisfied her. I also said since we are delaying her birthday party until her daddy comes home in October, maybe someone will get her a cool Lego set that she'll love. Looks like I might have to hunt for some Lego's on a good sale or maybe hit up some resale shops for that lucky find since we are strapped for money at the moment. Regardless, she did have fun and I'm glad I took her to the library. However, it does make me kind of not want to take her back because I know it'll happen again. How can I change that behavior? Maybe it's just age and as she grows, that will stop? Praying!!! I do tell her that behavior is not that of a lady or of a princess. Maybe if I say that enough, it will finally sink in. 
Sheesh...I can definitely tell I'm getting old. I took a break from writing to make dinner and tend to the kiddos. After dinner, Bella want to hear the Fresh Beat Band song again. We have it as an mp3 on the iPod and connected it to the computer. We listened to that and danced all crazy again as we “Shout it out, just like a rock star, come on everybody let me hear you sing, just like a rock star, hey, hey, hey!” Yeah, it didn't take long to start learning the words! The most awesome thing (well for me anyway) is the next mp3 song that comes after that one is Amazing Grace (my all-time favorite song) sung live by Il Divo. If you have not heard this version and like this song---DO IT! NOW! It give me chills every time I hear it and sometimes brings me to tears. It really is an incredible version. Then Bella wanted to listen to both of them again. :) Noah was sitting on the floor while we danced around and was having as much of a ball as we were! He would also give me the biggest smiles when I would sing Amazing Grace to him. Not a great singer...well, not a great singer at all but my son loved it and that's all that matters. Good day overall. Can't complain. 
Not much to report on Noah at this time. We are still waiting on some medical kit to arrive so they can do the skin test on Noah to confirm whether he has Lowe or not. I will also get tested at that time too to see if I passed this gene to him. Trying to get prepared for it all but some things you simply cannot completely prepare for, no matter how long you may have known before it was confirmed. Still praying everyday and asking God for the best outcome we can possibly have for our little family. 
Well, I just put my Bella to bed so now I have time for my guilty pleasure—Project Runway, before bed. Noah watches it with me. We tend to disagree on who is the best designer. ;) 
Stay in the moment,

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