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Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition

By Twoplicates
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition

If you are unfamiliar with Daiso, it is a basically a $2.80 store selling almost everything from kitchenware to stationary. With an enormous range of goods, we thought we'd share some of the of our picks and experiences, starting off with things in the bathroom ;)

Daiso Finds: The Bathroom EditionDaiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition Frog Bento Box
Instead of storing food, I use this to store my cotton pads & face washing brush. My main pet peeve is dust so this is perfect for keeping it away. Inside there is a moveable wall so you can adjust the size of each compartment which is quite handy. I taped the lid to the level where the utensils are held so each time I open it, it opens to the bigger compartment rather than the smaller one where the chopsticks are held. 
Cotton Pads Hands down the best cotton pads we've used. It's sturdy, absorbs product really well and doesn't leave that white cotton string on your face after you use it.  We've noticed that Daiso changes up the brands of cotton pads to stock, and just to put it out there, we like the ones that are "made in Japan" :P
Face Washing Brush I bought this a couple of years ago when the first ever Daiso opened in Melbourne. I expected this to be abrasive and rough but it's exactly the opposite. It feels like you're giving your face a nice massage getting deep into all the pores. As this one is getting old, I use this as a surface to wash my brushes much like the Sigma Washing Glove but on a much smaller scale.
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom EditionDaiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition
Weaved Basket
This is just any ordinary basket to be honest. I use this to store my skincare keeping it nice and neat in the bathroom. The size is just about right, fitting all the products I use on a daily basis in there.
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom EditionDaiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition
Bubble Net This is used to help foam up your cleanser. What you basically do is grab your cleanser, place it on the mesh, add a bit of water, rub to foam and then use that foam as a cleanser. Apparently the bubbles in the foam are better able get into your pores rather than just putting the cleanser directly on your face (as most foam cleansers never really foam up). There was a phase where I was really into this, but then I changed the type of cleanser I used (oil & gel) and kinda forgot about the net over time. This one in particular is ok at foaming up but I think there are a better designs currently available.
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom EditionDaiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition 3 Tiered Holder This is used to store my hair ties, bobby pins, rings and earrings that I commonly reach for. I like how it swivels exposing all 3 levels at the same time.
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition Brush Cleaner + Chive Box The easiest, fastest, fuss free way to wash your brushes. You can read our full post here, these two will save you water, time and money :3
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition Strawberry Containers (3pack) I use this to keep mostly my hair ties & bobby pins separate from everything else in my "hair draw". This is one of those things where the idea of keeping everything neat and separate sounds promising but in reality the neatness only lasts a few weeks before everything is everywhere.  As you can see I just leave old jewelry that I purchased quite a few years back in the spare strawberry :P
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition Shower Headband I purchased this to use when I cleanse/apply face masks, it really bothers me when cleanser/mask gets into the hairs on the periphery of my face.  The elastic on the upper and lower portions is good, not too tight, but tight enough for you to adjust it accordingly to your liking.  It does dent your hair if you leave this on for too long though.
Daiso Finds: The Bathroom Edition Shower Sponges Sometimes I feel like a loofah is a little too harsh on my skin, and decided to try out one of these sponges! It's softer in comparison, but the foaming ability really lacks.  Wouldn't buy another one, but willing to try other loofah alternatives if you guys know of any!
What are your Daiso picks?

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