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Daily Chase: Vol. 36

By Locutus08 @locutus08

Can you smell it? It’s the smell of spring, and the sweaty scent of race season fast approaching us! The winter push is almost over (well, it was 80 degrees here yesterday, so maybe we skipped spring?) and it’s about time to toe the line at races all around the country. It’s almost high season for everything from track meets to 100-milers. What do you have on your calendar? Have you signed up for all of your races, or are you taking it easy and focusing on just one or two? What are you looking forward to running? The opportunities are endless!

Chasing42 Log: 20160308-20160310

Run: It’s been a beautiful week, which has made my running that much more enjoyable. I was able to get up early on both Tuesday and Thursday with relative ease and head out the door some two very calm and peaceful sunrise runs. I bookended those two days with two sunset runs, and the double two-a-day felt really good. I tossed in a nice easy Wednesday run after work, and I’m feeling good. I’m doing my best to take it easy this week and next as a bit of a taper. No additional intense training is going to make a lick of difference at this point, so it’s time to focus my mind and mentally prepare for the challenge ahead.

Thought: I recently listened to a wonderful discussion about training consistency and variety on Trail Runner Nation. They hammered home the point that it’s not enough to simply make sure you are getting in your workout every day. If you find yourself doing the same thing, running with the same intensity or pace, running the same route, or running the same distance, then your progress will plateau. Variety is the spice of life, and our bodies are wonderfully well-equipped at adapting. So, it should go without saying that real progress comes through variety of training. However, the ability to maximize available opportunities came through as a secondary point of emphasis. We often convince ourselves that if we don’t have enough time for the full workout that we had planned, then we simply can’t do it. The reality is that with a bit of shifting, we can still get in a solid workout and something is always better than nothing. Keep #chasing42!

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