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Daily Chase: Vol. 17

By Locutus08 @locutus08

After a failed attempt at seeking out a rigorous incline out on the trails a while back, I’ve continued to be on the hunt for an ideal hill workout that would give me as much vert in as short amount of time as possible. I was told that a road not far from Winterthur offered an excellent climbing workout, so I was eager to check it out and see what it had to offer. Yesterday, I got that chance, and it did not disappoint.

Chasing42 Log: 20160127

Run: I left from Winterthur after dropping the epicurean off at work, and headed north towards the PA border. The sun was shining, and the 40 degree temps meant the piles of snow were melting quite quickly, which I was happy to see. I made my way north and found the road in question, and hit the first climb pretty quickly, which was a good sign. The road is very lightly traveled, which is key around here, and the extensive rolling hills made for a great workout! 

Thought: I read a wonderful article in New York Magazine yesterday that explored the motivations behind ultrarunning. The takeaway focused on the allure of achieving a “flow” experience and truly finding your mind and body in tune with the running experience itself. It was nice to be able to nod my head in agreement at an article in a mainstream publication that truly seems to get it. Running isn’t about the accomplishments, the PRs, the medals, or the attention. When I head out to tackle longer distances, I do it because I love where it allows my mind to go. I run because I feel at home when I’m doing it, no matter where I am. Running is that piece of home that transcends time and place, and gives me the opportunity to dial in many of the thoughts that float around in my mind on a regular basis. Ultrarunning allows me to continue #chasing42!

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