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Cyber Style // Entitled to My Privacy

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
CYBER STYLE // ENTITLED TO MY PRIVACYCYBER STYLE // ENTITLED TO MY PRIVACYNigeria being a land filled with people who do not completely grasp the concept of human and civil rights tend to get exploited in very many ways, especially by people who come in with far advanced knowledge about what constitutes human and civil rights and yet blatantly and arrogantly disregard rules and laws that they'd otherwise strictly adhere to in their own lands. By this I do not refer only to our country's aliens, even fellow Nigerians who have left the shores and returned are guilty of this, as are those of us who have never left our home country. There are very many things to which one is entitled, these are your 30 basic human rights and not another person's basic human rights. I had thought that I understood the concept of it all to a large extent until I struggled with a violation to my privacy beginning last year, which led to the loss of my Instagram which I talked about here when I had not exactly understood what I was dealing with. I, as much as every human, am entitled to my privacy and in the case in which I have been harassed, I am entitled to my privacy via cyber security. As much as I advocate the use of technology for its numerous benefits, even though I am not anywhere near a tech genius, like 2 on a scale of 1-10, I have come to acknowledge that technology could be used to violate someone's privacy through the installation of spywares. Spywares that record your environment and private musings and project your entire phone screen and details to be viewed on a wider PC screen even in a completely different timezone. If like me you deal with negative emotions via soliloquy in your privacy and practice talk therapy on how to handle difficult situations, you can imagine the harm when the intruder uses your musings to run your life or worse yet, run his business. So, you no longer only haggle with encroachment in your privacy, but also depersonalization and theft of ideas in an age where ideas and concepts are a huge business in content creation. CYBER STYLE // ENTITLED TO MY PRIVACYInformation about your health concerns, sexuality, habits, daily irks, even finances are collected. It's an evil and vile intrusion which I recently garnered is a real threat in our Nigerian society today. I am grateful to become aware of this as I begin to question what can be done about such in Nigeria. What I have learned so far is not to give physical access to your smartphone, to change your social media passwords often, to protect your phone's MAC number and if possible factory reset when you notice your gadgets misbehaving.On a lighter note, I've had this outfit in my draft for a long while now, since I've had to first factory reset my entire gadget in order to attempt getting rid of any unapproved spyware installations I lost a few un-blogged outfit photos, but I have in mind to maintain a positive perspective about the photos and lost drafts; to see it as a chance to new and fresh thoughts and perspective as I handle what else is to come. Maintaining the brightness here in the midst of black with the orange tank top. Have you heard of Spywares? Have you had an experience with one? How were you able to resolve it? CYBER STYLE // ENTITLED TO MY PRIVACY

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