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Curry and More Curry

By Chocolateandoranges
I had a veggie and fruit -riffic lunch today with curry as the star in some very different dishes.  First off, I made an attempt at creating the pacific curry wrap I had in Asheville.  I topped a whole wheat tortilla with spinach, banana, celery, carrots, and raisins.  For the curry sauce I just mixed some curry power and greek yogurt.  As usually happens when I try to make a wrap I way overfilled it and ended up with more of pacific curry taco - but other than that little snafu it was amazing!  Very similar to the version I had and it will definitely go in the lunch rotation.  I love that it doesn't require heating and could probably survive a good portion of the day without refrigerating. I'm always at a loss to make in those situations other than PB&J.  It will be great for lunch meeting days and travel!  I'll be picking up some bigger tortillas to make a full meal size version.  
curry and more curry
I also reheated some frozen kohlrabi curry which I promise tastes way better than it looks!  This was the last of the batch and I'll definitely have to remake it, I'm still kind of amazed at how well it turned out given that I just kind of kept adding things until I filled up the pot.  I haven't really ever noticed kohlrabi in the grocery store but I'm willing to bet whole foods will have it.  It could also be made with something else (potatoes, more assorted veggies) very easily- but I really liked the kohlrabi for a change.
curry and more curry
Dessert is strawberries and a square of chocolove (local, yay!) super dark chocolate.  I bought 2 lbs of organic strawberries at the whole foods one day sale yesterday so I'll be eating a lot of strawberries for the next couple days. :)  I'm kind of wishing I'd bought a third container to freeze since I'm doing so well on getting through the fresh ones, originally I had thought the second would probably end up frozen.
curry and more curry

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