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Cupcakes Or Cookies

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I saw this survey on 2 of my Blog Loves… Laura’s Blog and Lauren’s Blog and I knew I HAD to do it. Why??? Well, because technically every question I have a 50% chance of being right. I like those odds. And every question is about food. Can I get an “AMEN”?

Here we go! Get ready for the foodie madness.

Coke or Pepsi Coke! Diet Coke actually. And we all know I’m addicted.

Lemonade or Fruit Punch I don’t drink either too often but if I was on a desert island, competing in the Hunger Games and I was at 2 fountains, 1 of lemonade and 1 of fruit punch, and it was the only drink available on the island I’d probably choose lemonade. :mrgreen

Carmel Apple or Cotton Candy Definitely carmel apple. Definitely.

Butterfingers or Snickers Ooooo we’re getting to the hard ones. Why must I choose. Snickers!

Pudding or Jell-O Pudding! I’ve been known to get my face stuck in the bowl…

Turkey or Chicken I like turkey on sandwiches but real turkey I only like on Thanksgiving and Christmas so I’d say Chicken.

American or Provolone Cheese I don’t eat cheese… 

Crackers or Cookies Are you kidding me, Cookies!!!

Pretzels or Chips OMG!! Pretzels. No, Chips. Pretzels. No, Chips. Ahhhhhhh!

Mexican Food or Japanese Food I think we all know this answer… MEXICAN!!!

Chinese Food or Italian Food Voila, I choose Spaghetti. Ciao bella! 

Pie or Cake Always Pie. Unless you are offering a cupcake. I can’t turn down the sprinkles. 

Ice Cream or Cookies Why, cookies of course!

Pasta or Pizza I would say pizza, but now that I cannot eat cheese… it’s pasta all the way to Ital-ay!

Soda or Juice Sadly, and this is where I lose all 48 of my readers, soda. I feel shame!

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles Truffles.

Apples or Bananas Oh god apples! I cannot eat bananas and I won’t do it.

Salad or Soup Soup! But I like both together too. It’s the hot/cold combo. I like it. It’s kinda like magic in my tummy.

Cauliflower or Broccoli Broccoli. Cauliflower, I’ve always felt is it’s imposter. Or evil older cousin… I don’t trust white veggies.

Onion Rings or French Fries Onion rings, but I have french fries more.

Blizzard or McFlurry Blizzard. And if you say you hate me then we cannot be friends because I don’t let any flurries, snow balls, or snow caps come between me and my blizzard. 

Fried or Poached Eggs Poached eggs are weird! Fried.

Crepes or Pancakes Pancakes! But if I could successfully make crepes I might choose them…

Hash Browns or Roasted Potatoes Roasted Potatoes. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t posted a singe hash brown on this blog, EVER.

Oatmeal or Cereal Cereal. I’ve accepted that I don’t like oatmeal and I was tricking myself into thinking I did. I own it!

Tell me about you!! I want to know…

How do you choose between chips and pretzels?

What is your favorite sushi roll?

spicy tuna

What is your favorite theme park ride of all time?

I like the peter pan ride at disney land. But my favorite was the tiki room which isn’t there any more.

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