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Cupcake Dreamer

By Stephanie Jones @1MakeDifference
Lots of my daily gifts over the years have been cupcakes. UGLY cupcakes.  I didn’t know how to decorate with icing. I would grab a can of icing, a spreader and UGLY cupcakes were created. 
As I was making my goals for 2014, I thought I want to make BEAUTIFUL cupcakes!  To accomplish a goal, you have to lay out a plan.    Step 1-Find an expert

   Step 2- Contact the expert   Step 3- Schedule cupcake decorating class

   Step 4- Buy supplies and ingredients   Step 5- Bake cupcakes and let cool

   Step 6- Cupcake decorating class with expert   Step 7- Eat, give and enjoy!

Last night my friend Toni of Food. (JustSayin’) came to my house and taught me how to make yummy, fluffy icing and decorate cupcakes. I had so much fun!  I think my husband was even excited that I will not be making anymore UGLY cupcakes!
Cupcake DreamerTonight I had a United Way Community Impact meeting and I thought it would be a nice treat to take my newly decorated cupcakes.  As people were filtering in some were picking up a cupcake to snack on during the meeting.  As I sat down, I opened my portfolio and there in the front left pocket were several of Emily’s Pay it Forward cards. I just smiled as I know she loved cupcakes.
After the meeting I approached several of the ladies that had eaten a cupcake and were taking some home for their family.  I gave each of them Emily’s card and shared her story and purpose of Paying it Forward in her memory.  I encouraged them to read the card, keep it and then pass her story and the card along.  They were all touched by Emily’s story and what her family is doing to keep her memory alive.  One of the ladies even said, “I’m taking this home and sharing it with my son!” 
As I was thinking of what to title this blog I thought about My Cupcake Dream as it was my dream to learn how to decorate a cupcake.  But then as I started writing and started to think about all the things I’ve learned about Emily over these past couple of years I changed it to Cupcake Dreamer.  Emily was a dreamer and like a cupcake her life was colorful, sweet, enjoyed by many and brought a smile to the faces of those in its presence. I think Emily was definitely a Cupcake Dreamer!
If you don’t know Emily’s story, here is what it is on the Pay Forward card I mentioned earlier:
Cupcake Dreamer   “Emily was 18 years old when she was killed in a single car accident.  She was texting and driving. She was an amazing girl who had everything going for her. Unfortunately, her life was cut short by this seemingly simple act. You can visit her Facebook page…Just Drive. Live. Laugh. Learn to learn more about Em and let us know how you paid it forward.”
Please don’t Text and Drive and Please Wear your Seatbelt.

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