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Snowed In and Prepping for a Week of Giving

By Stephanie Jones @1MakeDifference
I’m not sure where you live, but I’m in Northwest Indiana and we are getting hammered with snow.  Since I stocked up on a food yesterday and I work from home, I actually enjoy the snow and don’t mind the inches and inches Linus, I guess they name snowstorms, is bringing to my backyard. 
Since I’m stuck I the house and won’t be venturing out anytime soon I thought I would spend time getting organized for the week, going through mail, paying bills, meal planning, laundry and yes prepping for my daily gifts.  Many days I don’t have a plan for my gifts, but projects are starting to pile up and I need to get them moving out of my house and helping others!  I love the fact that everywhere I look a gift is sitting, waiting to be given.  It is my hope that one day your gift giving journey starts to constantly overflow with abundance to others, if it isn't already. 
So what kinds of gifts am I working on for the week?
1.   My Godson’s birthday was back in October and I totally forgot to get him a gift.  I think I was out of town the weekend of his birthday and it just slipped my mind.  He doesn't need any toys so he’ll be getting money for his college fund. 
Snowed In and Prepping for a Week of Giving2.   I've spent time writing thank you cards to clients for their business and friends who have helped us through the difficult time of losing our beloved dog Boss.  Always remember to say thanks!
3.   Wrote a card that I’ll be sending to a client. It’s a note of encouragement with a positive quote.  A little something to brighten his week!
4.   Set bags of towels, linens and blankets out for the animal shelter.  Over Christmas break I cleaned out my linen closet and found a ton of stuff we weren't using.  I knew the local animal shelters uses these types of items so I bagged them up and loaded them in my car. Then I posted about this on Facebook and one of my friends commented that her friend’s son was collecting these items to donate to the shelter on Valentine ’s Day. This is a win win for me. I don’t have to make a trip to the shelter, but I can help this little boy in his giving journey. 
5.   Wrote my annual check to Public Library Friends so I can renew my membership to the Friends of the Porter County Library System.  Last year the Friends provided almost $40,000 to the libraries to help with the purchase of new materials, pay for summer reading programs, purchase magazines and software, and provide scholarships to staff working on their library degree.  I love the library and can’t help but support!
Are you working on any gifts for today?  If so, please share!  I love getting ideas from others.
I’m taking a break and going to go play in the snow! 

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