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Chocolate Covered...

By Stephanie Jones @1MakeDifference
I have a confession to make. I was a party pooper last night. I have been dealing with a cold for about a week and couldn't muster the strength to stay up past 10:00p.m. My bed and sleep were calling my name. Before my head hit the pillow, my husband and I did enjoy a nice evening out with friends.  During dinner, my husband and our friend started discussing their plans to go to a friend’s house today for the Blackhawks game and football.  My husband mentioned he needed to bring a snack and I volunteer to whip something up.  They were both razzing me that I wouldn't be in the mood to get up and have something ready by 11:30, the time when my husband would be leaving for the party. 
Not that I wanted to prove them wrong, okay I did, but I also saw the opportunity as my gift for the day.  I decided to make chocolate covered pretzels and Ritz crackers with peanut butter.  Not only did I make enough for the party, but I have some left for a neighbor and a friend I wanted to mail cookies to at Christmas, but didn't. 
Chocolate covered...When my husband came downstairs, I think he was a bit shocked to see wax paper laid out on the counter, a pile of crackers and peanut butter ready to be dipped, a bowl full of pretzels waiting for chocolate to be drizzled and stirred and chocolate melting on the stove.  What I love, but I also find annoying about my hubby, is he jumped right in and started helping.  I often joke with him that he jumps in to help so he can take claim for my gifts!
The main job he took on was sprinkles.  He dug in our cabinet for maize and blue sprinkles so he could have Michigan University themed pretzels!  Even though they didn'tmake it to a bowl game, he has been super excited about the announcement of their new head football coach.  He also wanted to make the chocolate red for the Blackhawks, but unfortunately the coloring I had made the chocolate clumpy so we had to nix that idea.
After the pretzels and crackers were dipped and dried I found several leftover tin dishes from Christmas and packaged the treats up beautifully so he could take them to the party. 
Today’s gift was one I could have totally ignored and my husband would have been perfectly fine swinging by the store and buying something prepackaged for the party.  I like giving gifts that are not expected, but appreciated. Sure there were a hundred other things I could have been doing in that hour, but in this new year, I’m focusing on being intentional with my time, especially as it relates to giving back and making a difference. 
Blessing for 2015,

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