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Cunard’s Perfect Queens

By Andycockayne @andycockayne

For over a century, Cunard Line has been taking passengers around the world in style. Its three flagships: Victoria, Elizabeth and Mary 2, are the undisputed Queens of the sea. Poseidon’s consorts are the epitome in luxury cruising and together, they’ve got you covered. Want to explore some exotic corner of our endlessly fascinating world? Well, we can guarantee that at least one of them is going there soon.

These three liners are so popular; they’ve even had books written about them! They’re as ingrained in English culture and history as the Royal family itself. Indeed, all have been blessed and named by a member of the Royal family.

Everyone should travel on a queen at least once in a lifetime! Which one to pick? Well, we suggest you follow our guide to the up-coming cruises and see which one suits your timing and your budget best. Next step, book a cabin! These cruises sell out incredibly fast, so don’t waste time and hop aboard.

Cunard Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria may be the baby of the group, but she still packs a powerful punch. She may be only in her 5th year of service, but Queen Victoria has already built a solid reputation for being one of the most elegant medium-size liners gracing the high seas. Boasting true English subtle luxury, this Dame of the oceans is admired for her intimate ambience, and is ideal for anyone wanting a more ‘private’ cruising experience.

Mind, you, Queen Victoria is not exactly…small. She boasts 12 decks and is able to carry just over 2000 passengers; her attractions include 7 restaurants, 13 bars, a Royal Court Theatre (where the outstanding entertainment is offered) and Queen’s Room which has been rated amongst the finest public rooms on any cruise liner. That’s not to mention the state-of-the-art fitness rooms, separate entertainment area for children (of all ages), a boutique spa, various swimming and whirlpools and a host of other attractions.

The elegance and style with which Queen Victoria has been bedecked, is everything you’d expect of a premier Cunard liner.
Queen Victoria will be sailing around the Adriatic and the Canaries for the rest of 2012, before moving onto a glorious New Zealand to Europe cruise in early 2013.

Don’t miss the chance to experience a majestic cruise (on a slightly smaller scale) and book your breathtaking ocean view room today!

Cunard Queen Elizabeth

Magnificent Queen Elizabeth is the latest addition to the Cunard line, and is currently on her 2nd year of service. Comparable in size and style to Queen Victoria, this liner was built to replace the opulent QE2, and succeeds her beautifully. Marrying old-style grace with modern technology and flare is not always easy, yet Cunard manages this with utmost ease as far as QE is concerned.

Offering a similar layout to Queen Victoria, this particular princess also offers a myriad of entertainment, dining and activities options. She is home to over 1000 Staterooms (738 with balconies) as well as 127 superlative Grills Suites. Many more ‘levels’ of cabins are offered, so finding something to suit your taste and budget will never be a problem! No matter which one you choose, be assured that the luxury which is revered by Cunard’s devoted fans resounds through each and every corner of this grand liner.

Queen Elizabeth will chill around the Mediterranean for the rest of 2012, before heading to New York of a Transatlantic cruise in early 2013.

Cunard Queen Mary 2

Here’s the one we’ve all been waiting for: the Mother Ship! Built in 2004, Queen Mary 2 is a cruise liner of colossal proportions. At the time of her maiden voyage, she was the largest liner in the world in every possible way. She was longer, wider and taller than any other ever built!

What makes the Queen Mary 2 so astounding actually is not just her size, but the true opulence and glamour with which she has been designed, and fitted. Not a detail too small, a nook too remote or a corner too unimportant; this ‘Ruler of the Seas’ is pure, unadulterated, extravagance.

QM2 boasts 14 decks, 15 restaurants specializing in varied cuisines, 5 different swimming pools, a theater (with nightly cabaret show), ballrooms and even a planetarium which, incidentally, is the first ever built on a ship. But wait…there’s more!

The Queen Mary 2 offers so many different activities that one would need to be cruising for months before being forced to do something twice! How about dance or yoga classes? Movie nights anyone? Or perhaps you’d like a more sedate time-out and would rather spend all your time enjoying the delectable food on offer? Yes…you can do that too!

Looking at the Queen Mary 2, it’s easy to see how a single cruise liner can offer so much; this ship just never ends! To give you a fair idea of her weight, just imagine 15,000 African-elephants combined; that would be the approximate weight! By the way, Africa is one of the many destinations which Queen Mary 2 specializes in.

Being the epitome trans-continental cruise liner, the QM2 is by far your best bet if crossing the great seas to Australia, Africa or the USA is what you’ve always dreamed of.

The Queen Mary 2 will set off on a blissful 106 night world-cruise in January 2013.


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