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A Day in Bergen on a Scandanavian Cruise with Cunard

By Andycockayne @andycockayne

Bergen HarbourChannel your inner Viking and discover the magic of the Norwegian Fjords on your next vacation. Cunard Line offers unbeatable value on Scandinavian cruises; so traveling to this enigmatic corner of the globe in total luxury is now even easier.

Norway is a truly amazing country to visit; the natural wonders are outstanding, the culture enticing and the historical sites among the world’s best. Bergen, the country’s other capital, is a highlight on all Norwegian Fjords cruises and considered the best gateway to the Fjords. Spending a full day nestled deep in Bergen’s bosom is a very rewarding experience indeed.

To help you make the most of your Cunard cruise, we’ve devised a guide to the highlights in Bergen,; sio jump on board and discover why this Scandinavian gem is tipped to be among the very best holiday destinations this year.

Bergen was established in the first millennia and, as with most port cities, soon gained prominence and become Norway’s most valued asset. In the first 300 years of life it grew to be the largest Scandinavian city, and the main trade center for the whole region.

The Fish Market

It would seem only fitting then, that your Berger tour of duty start at the local outdoor fish market! Not only can you ogle at all the weird and wonderful selection of fresh catches, but here, you can try them too. Taste-testers are the norm, making a visit here both visually and gastronomically enticing. You should really buy something though…so how about a crispy serve of fish and chips? You may just be pleasantly surprised; the Norwegians can give the English some stiff competition! The market attracts big crowds (and sellers) and this is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of locally caught whale (sigh) crab and salmon.

Bergen Aquarium 

Moving right along to more ‘active’ sea life, the Bergen Aquarium should be next on your tour itinerary. Home to seals, penguins, sharks and all sorts of Norwegian fish-thingies, all the animals here are very much alive; so come take a look and let these splendid creatures ogle on you, as you walk through the aquarium via the underwater glass tunnel! Considered the largest of all European aquariums, a visit here could well take the best part of three hours, sop plan your day accordingly. Entry fee is 200NOK for adults and 150NOK for children.

The connection between fish and history may see elusive now, but we promise if you try hard enough, you’ll find one!

Bergenhuss Fortress

Not too far from the fish market you’ll find the Bergenhuss Fortress, a Medieval castle considered by most to be the very best castle ruin in the whole country. This fortress was once the humble abode of the King and its Royal Banquet Hall is still used nowadays for some very special engagements. While several sections of the castle have not stood the test of time, the 800 year old tower still soldiers on, as does the 700 year old Church of Christ (He who once multiplied fish!).

Some visitors believe that the true inherent beauty of Mt Fløyen (Bergen’s pride and joy) can only be appreciated if one makes the hard slog to the summit on foot. Granted 320 metres are not much, but we’re firm believers that enjoyment, and suffering, must not always go hand in hand. Instead…we like to take the cable car! Easy, inexpensive and ever so fun, make sure you have enough time to get to the pinnacle of this mount before boarding your Cunard liner. Coincidentally, you should be able to see your temporary sea-home from up here, as well as extensive views of the city, harbor and surrounding natural wonders.

Have a brilliant day out in Bergen whilst on Cunard cruises and remember our favorite motto: this…is just the beginning!

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