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Cruise and Expeditions in Asia

By Adrenaline Romance @AdrenalnRomance

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When it comes to Asia, not many people know of the cruise destinations that they can explore. The lack of knowledge is often what makes them miss out on some of the best experiences. Asia is surrounded by almost every form of landscape, making this a versatile continent to visit and explore. To help you pick out some of the best destinations, we have a list of the best ones that you can explore.

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For those who aren’t aware, Malacca is a popular Malaysian state located in the southwest region. The place is a surrounded peninsula that offers you impeccable and memorable experiences altogether. The state has touches of the colonial era along with the modern shops to help you get a glimpse into the beauty of the place. While booking a cruise trip, one from the Vietnam-Malacca strait can be an amazing option for you to look into. While there, make sure to try out the local Malay cuisine as well.



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Indonesia is possibly one of the best cruise destinations when it comes to the Asian archipelago. It is located in southeast Asia between the Indian and the Pacific oceans, making it perfect for the sea expeditions. The views from around are breathtaking. While you are there, make sure that you don’t miss out on visiting some of the most famous spots that are known for their tourist infiltration. Kuta is possibly the best town to visit if you are on a cruising journey.



(Photo credit: Studio PONANT-Morgane Monneret)

Yet another one of the popular spots to visit on a cruising journey through Asia has to be Seychelles. The place is surrounded by 115 islands from across which make it a perfect spot for you to visit and just chill around without any further stress. The place is surrounded by natural sightseeing spots with coral reefs, nature reserves and an innumerable number of beaches that you will lose count of. While you are there, make sure to visit Mahe and explore the place around for a wholesome experience.



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For those planning for a cruising trip through Asia, the Philippines is yet another amazing spot that you can visit and explore. The capital city, Manila is possibly one of the best destinations to explore in the country. It is also located in the southeastern part of Asia and is an archipelago. This makes it perfect for you to board a cruise and explore the beauty of the landscapes, tranquilizing blue sea and the beautiful lush greenery blanketing the surroundings.



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Not many might indeed think of this, but Japan can also be listed out under one of the best spots to explore on a cruise. It is situated on the eastern coast of the Asian subcontinent. The land of the rising sun is a beauty that you need to explore while on the sea. Mainly, the trip often kicks off from Osaka from where the cruise takes you through different spots around to let you explore the land of samurai and rich heritage and culture. While you are there, it is a must that you try out the local cuisine and see for yourself how fresh Japanese food tastes like.

If you have been planning on cruising through the Asian subcontinent, these are some of the spots that you need to visit without further thoughts. Every single one of these spots has its own set of highlights that you will only know once you do visit the place.

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