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Creative Writers to Avoid - The I Can Only Trust You to House My Valuables Scam.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
A few weeks ago, I was blogging about a famous singer. I wasn't careful and Tweeted to a catfish Twitter account. The next day, I had a private message. Here is her first message:
I'm looking for someone i can definitely trust because i have got some few things I need to do and take care of without my management knowing about it so i need one of my loyal fan to handle this for me...
I asked her what she needed.
I got in touched by the security company where i have my brief case kept for a while which contains some money and valuable documents that belongs to me, they are shutting down in couple of days and it has been giving me some problems since i have been busy with my shows and concert i won't have much time to take care of these responsibilities… I asked her what she wanted me to do.
I am needing you to be able to take care of the delivery fee of the briefcase from the security company to your home, mind you i want you to please be secretive concerning this to avoid impostors and i would love to work with you... I also need to let you know anything you spend on this will be re-paid back to you and also compensate you for your kind heart.
I blocked her and posted the impostor's Twitter handle to the real singer's Twitter account.I thought I was rid of that kind of contact. I recently friended an author from Australia. Soon after, I get a friend request from another woman who I thought was actually her friend.
Here is the private message she sent to me. I am deleting her name and where she lives.
Am sorry for writing late i have been busy on duty.It interest me to contact you having got your contact while looking for a reliable and trust worthy person on Facebook that i can trust and work together on this. I am Female DR. .Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx. From united states I worked with Xxxxxxx pharmaceutic company under their search team and currently a US SGT, 
presently am working under the united state peace keeping corps in Iraq /Afghanistan/ Damascus Syria. In An inspection in one of the destroyed buildings by Russia soldiers air raid on ISIS control area here in Syria_Iraq border, We discovered TWO well secured Metallic box abandoned in one of the destroyed building. On our investigation WITH MY colleague discovered that One of the box contain about $11M and the second box is filled with Gold my share of the total money is  ($3,560,000 three  Million Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand united states Dollars ) Since it is only me and my colleague know about this and have shared the money between us i have decided to move my out of Iraq  due to eye watch i cant move the fund on my own we are in a heavy security monitor .What i need from you is assurance and trust to help secure this box in your country pending when my time here is over i will fly down to your country to meet with you for Share of the cash.Kindly reply to this email if you are Willy to work and and share the fund with me.Thanks Dr Xxxxxxx XxxxxFor a PhD in Pharmacology, she certainly has bad grammar.So be safe and beware ofsecretive "high ranking"treasure hiders.

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