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By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
Throughout my life i have always been creative and always been involved in making something be it photography, drawing, writing or designing.
I found that over the years my creativity has grown and i have created some of my best work in the past year or so i have always enjoyed the fact that i can be involved in creating something that will be used or seen by people and this blog has been a great tool for unleashing my creativity.
Some of my most read posts are of the minecraft content and my photographic posts and i have decided to make something special. Over the next few months i am going to be creating a series of blog posts, videos, plans and photographic process that will show you how i plan a minecraft build, this will include planning of themes, sketches, foundation setting and ultimately the final build.
Everyday i wake up and fire up the laptop ready to post the blog entries of the day then i will get on with the graphic design work and then i will sort out websites and content building for the web design business.
Working from home is great as i can manage my own time and work on creative projects, as with most self employed people money can be tight at times but it can also be the part of the drive to work hard and make the business work. My blog is my space were i go to vent my creative ideas and to clear my head and this helps to keep me positive.
Blogging is more than just a task or job it is an art form as it can be a direct display of an idea or something more complex and interesting. When an artist is painting a picture they look at the world around them and put there own style and vision on paper, it then hangs on a wall for people to see and talk about.
Bloggging is an art form were anyone can express themselves and reach out to others around the world, my blog has created so many opportunities and options for me over the years i would not be the person i am to day.
Over the next few months i will be posting plenty of content as i am wanting to get to 25000 page views before summer in the city so if you want to support me keep reading and follow the blogs so you get up to date alerts when i post.
Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

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