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Create Yoda With A 3D Printer, Amazing It Is!

Posted on the 22 June 2012 by Thegeekscrew @thegeekscrew

Although the technology is still a few years old, but 3D printing is the beginning of a new era where assembling 3D models of tools or even toys can be done in an instant push of a button. User BusyBotz of Youtube demonstrates his domestic home 3D printer assembling a Yoda figure with perfect details.

The best part is… he didn’t even have to design the blueprint himself. All he needed to do was download  an available design from Thingiverse and then just print it out… in 3D. The worst part… the printer costs about £1,000… which is around US$ 1,254.60… which is around Rp. 11,800,140.00. Very pricey. But a true geek never concerns himself with money, right?

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