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Craziest Survivor Ever!

Posted on the 14 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Craziest Survivor Ever!

The answer to Wednesday's Trivia Question: George & Weezy=The Jefferson's, Gloria & Mike =All in the Family and Crockett & Tubbs=Miami Vice

FIRST FIVES: Lori DiCillis, Dan Realson, Phyllis DiCesare, Ed Ziskind & Nancy O'boyski

Honorable Mention:Lillian Doremus Tuesdays Broadcast Top 5 

Hells Kitchen-FOX 2.2/5.4
NCIS-CBS 1.9/13.0
NCIS LA-CBS 1.9/11.9
Golden Boy-CBS 1.6/8.5
Celebrity Wife Swap-ABC 1.6/5.0 Tuesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5
Hells Kitchen-FOX 75,343
The Taste-ABC 42,139
Smash-NBC 34,462
Celebrity Wife Swap-ABC 31,845
Body of Proof-ABC 30,368

Tuesday's Cable Top 5
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.4/3.3

Tosh.0-Comedy Central 1.3/2.1
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 1.0/2.4
Snooki & Jwoww-MTV 1.0/1.7
Justified-FX .9/2.4 Tuesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Pretty Little Liars-ABC Family 502,361
The Bad Girls Club-Oxygen 97,021
The Lying Game-ABC Family 59,959
Dance Moms-Lifetime 49,206
Preachers Daughters-Lifetime 47,761


Okay so I finally got a couple of 80's pop culture references in this weeks show.  Leg Warmers!!! OMG I used to love my leg warmers and so does Paige, Elizabeth and Phillip's daughter. They also had the 70's circle telephone, that my friend Amanda had. Those were the easiest part of the show to explain.  There's so much going on and honestly, some of it I'm not positive I understand but the other 90% is so good that it negates the 10% I'm too stupid to get.  I am very sure about one thing though...the hair in this show is just terrible.  Whoever 's in charge needs to fire the hairstylist immediately. Okay, lets see if I can try to make sense of what went on this week.   Phillip was headed to NYC for a travel seminar and a mission with his ex love, Ann/Irina. (Pretty convenient right?)  Irina needed to drug and then frame a major Polish communist leader with Phillips help.  After the mission, Ann/Irina showed Phillip a photo of the son he didn't know he had. But I'm not positive he's real. Phillip asked her, but the answer was very vague.  So I'm genuinely confused. Phillip beat and then slept with Ann/Irina which freaked me out, but then put her on a train and went home to Elizabeth who's had a change of heart and finally wants to try a real relationship with Phil.  When she asked him if he slept with Ann/Irina he denied it and said that she was the only one for him.  Awwwww so sweet...but he was lying!  While Phil was away, Elizabeth went and hung out with Stan's miserable wife.  Stan was "working" but ended up in bed with Nina his source who was pretty naked for FX even at 10pm.  Elizabeth had work to do too and of course it required her to wear a god awful wig and threaten a guys balls. 


HOLY COW! What a crazy episode this week. Right from the beginning, Brandon Hantz, was missing his wife and kids and volunteering to get voted out.  Then I thought he had gotten it together.  He was really trying hard in the reward challenge and the Fave's won...all good right?  NOPE! Brandon slowly unravelled from there.  He went to talk to Phillip and told him everyone in the tribe doesn't like him or his stupid "Stealth R Us" alliance and then he just lost it and poured the entire tub of rice all over the ground, screamed his head off and called Phillip a b*tch.  Uncle Russell's gotta be furious right now.  No way he's proud of the game play or the behavior.  With all of Russell's insanity, his tribe never forfeited a challenge to get rid of him (or anyone else for that matter).  Not only did the Favorites forfeit the challenge, they never left and voted Brandon out verbally, out loud, right in front of the Fans.  No schlep through the woods, no fire, no torches, nada.  Just Jeff, oddly rubbing Brandon's shoulders to calm his ass down and then providing him with directions on how to leave the game since this had never happened before. I have to give props to Jeff Probst, he handled the entire situation like a pro. Does he have a psychology degree or something?  It was WILD! The kid needs some meds and a LOT of them!   While Brandon's breakdown was  the big story of the night, there were some other things that went down.  1)Reynold found his second immunity idol, lucky guy.  I thought he would have learned his lesson and kept this news to himself, but nooooo he just HAD to share and tell Eddie. When will people learn? When??  2) It rained crazy rain for 48 hours and SpikeBeard Matt's feet were nasty from being waterlogged.  Ewwww if the SpikeBeard didn't gross me out, his nasty feet sure did.  3) I'm still consumed with Blond Sandra Bullock, Sheri and her makeup situation. 4) What was with those monkey's picking each other's eye goo?  How did the cameraman get that shot? 
All week long, Justin Timberlake has been a guest on Late Night.  Justin's been amazing as we'd expect, and I was going to do a recap of the best moments of the week as a Saturday special report, but this one is just too good and I couldn't wait.  Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeCD4bIkQwg
-Pretty sure that the nail is in the coffin for NBC's Smash.  I didn't see Tuesday night's episode as my cold medicine had kicked in by then, but given the news that the show is moving to Saturday nights for the remaining 17 episodes, pretty much seals its fate.  I don't know what to do now.  Should I just finish it out or bag it? I guess it will depend on if I have a life or not.  I mean if I'm home on Saturday night doing nothing...I could watch.  Gotta admit, it's been a struggle to stay interested though.  

-My favorite little people are back next week for a big special.  Little People, Big World: Conquering Mount St. Helens will air on March 19th on TLC. Supposedly Amy and Matt are so bored without their kids that Amy comes up with the idea to climb Mount St. Helens.  I have no idea if Matt and Zach go with her, if she makes it or what, but I'm definitely going to tune in and check it out.  I guess the wedding business isn't going that well and they needed something to do that TLC would film?  If they film it...I will watch.   -No idea at all what the settlement was, but Current TV and Keith Olberman did settle out of court via mediation.  If you recall, Olberman sued Current for breach of contract after he was fired last year.  Current's payin him something and obviously he's keeping his mouth shut...for now. -Before I dumped my Netflix subscription, I was actually a heavy user and a big fan.  One of the features I loved was the ability to share playlists and recommendations with friends.  Then one day, the feature was gone.  No explanation at all.  Today I learned that it disappeared because of a law called the Video Protection Privacy Act  (VPPA). This law prohibits sharing someones video rental history without their approval or a police warrant.  Facebook and Netflix are SOOO powerful, that they somehow got Congress to pass a bill updating the VPPA to accommodate Facebook integration.  Can you believe that??? Soooo now you'll be able to share your Netflix playlists and recommendations with your Facebook friends.  Man Netflix is making it hard for me to stay mad at them.   -I'm happy to see CBS finally loosening up a bit.  They are releasing past seasons of The Good Wife online. Hard to believe that they haven't given access to a show that is still airing until now.  The first 3 seasons will be available on Amazon Prime starting today and on Hulu Plus starting in September.  In January, past eps will also run on The Hallmark Channel and then on local TV stations in September of 2014.   -Have you guys heard of Kickstarter? I hadn't until last night.  Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website where the public can fund projects via donations in return for various perks or benefits.  Apparently the public really wants a Veronica Mars movie because it contributed $2 Million dollars in record time.  Veronica Mars went off the air 5 years ago.  (I never saw an episode...look like I have a new binge viewing show to catch up on).  Warner Bros. promised that if the Kickstarter campaign raised enough money to film the low budget movie that they would finance the movie's marketing and distribution costs.  Looks like they need to get out the checkbook!  Again...the model is changing.  Social is having more and more of an impact on content.   -Soapnet will be celebrating General Hospital's 50th anniversary beginning Friday 3/29 at 10pm with a 50 hour marathon of classic episodes.  What's pretty cool is that the marathon kicks off with the very first episode ever from 1963 and will include shows from every decade.  Then of course there will be a "very special 50th anniversary episode on Monday 4/1 from 2-3p Thursday's Trivia Question: Sam & Diane, Jessie & Rebecca, and Carrie & Doug name the shows. (People seem to really like this game!) WWTM-Kristy

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