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Crap Product (don’t Waste Your Money)

By Elisabeth @onecutedoc

Attention Beauty Lovers! I am back with another Crap Products Review. I love tons of makeup and beauty related products. I test tons of products and fall in love with many of them. However, occasionally there are those product that just plain suck. I do not want to completely bash these brands because there are products in their lines that are awesome. I am simply warning about the products that are terrible and you should stay away from. These are my honest opinions and I understand a product I hate, you may love. That is what makes blogging so fun. What one person loves another will dislike. I hope you enjoy these posts and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



Dr. Jart+ Night BB Beauty Balm (FULL SIZE $38)

Wow! Has it been awhile since I have done a Crap Product post. I have really been loving so many products lately and there have been some "so so" products (not quite CRAP level). However, enter in Dr. Jart+ Night BB. Get ready to hear a bunch of negatives because there are many. Now, I really do love a lot of Dr. Jart+ products. This, however, is not one of them. I received a small sample of this product (thank goodness I didn't buy the FULL SIZE).

You may be wondering...WHY? Why is this a crap product? Well let me tell you! First, have you ever heard of a night time BB cream? Me neither...that is why I was so intrigued. I figured this product would just be a multi-purpose night cream. Boy was I wrong! This stuff is tinted and not a good tint (at least not for me). It has little white beads that contain pigment that is suppose to...let me repeat...SUPPOSE TO...match your skin tone. It doesn't! This was way too dark for my skin. It also was so patchy. The beads are even a bit rough and felt like I was applying a light scrub that I wasn't suppose to wash off.

Second, you can wear this to bed! Um WHAT? A tinted moisturizer to bed. I don't think so. I can really see this product clogging pores and causing you to wake up with some nice breakouts (nice being totally sarcastic). This doesn't feel like skincare to feels like makeup. I would not recommend wearing this to bed. It is sticky and decently thick. I have no idea why you would want to wear a BB cream to bed! If you have any ideas, please let me know them!

Anyway, this product is patchy...O so patchy. I tried blending it with my fingers and I really didn't want to break out my makeup brushes to apply a night cream! I couldn't get it to blend and it caused my skin to peel. What is this product? I know what it is...Terrible! I was so afraid to wake up in the morning...fearing my skin would keep peeling off. Luckily, my fears were subsided when I woke up and my face looked okay. I did, however, have to wash my face to get some of the patchiness off.

This is also a fairly expensive product and something you definitely don't need (even if it was good). I would definitely save your money on this product unless you have nothing else to spend it on (and want your skin to look patchy and peel off...maybe that could be a new trend...who knows)!

So there you have it...another crap product! I would definitely stay away from this and do not waste your money. Just because it has an expensive price tag does not mean it is an expensive product. The lies people...the lies. I have learned my lesson and will never purchase this product. To the dumpster, it goes!


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