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Covering School Books AKA the #1 Reason Mothers Drink

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
So I was considering sending the kids to school with uncovered books.
Contact is evil incarnate.
That shit never ever sticks properly without bubbling.
After the previous 2 years of screaming, whining, tears and tantrums (all mine, while attempting to cover Miss7’s books in contact), I quit.  I gave up.  I wimped out.
I figured there must be other parents who send their kids' school books in the buff. 
And as the parent who bought them, I’m quite okay with a few dog eared text books here and there if it means I maintain that shred of sanity that is reserved for sourcing and covering school supplies.
But then I realised how it would totally make me look like the half arsed parent (yeah, because that's the only sole thing that would ever lead anyone to assume such a thing...), and I donned some camouflage (singlet) and prepared for battle. 
So I’m going to pour myself a big, fat, massive glass of wine and then I’m going in.
It’s like Man Vs Wild, only far more serious
Mother Vs Contact

Covering school books AKA the #1 reason mothers drink

Bring it...

Mother here will be muttering a number of phrases that feature the word “Motherfu….”
If I was a betting person (and I do love me a good game of bingo), I would put my money on the contact.

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