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Couponing is a Life Waster.

By Mikidemann @mikidemann
I don't like to eat. I am not anorexic, but I don't enjoy the process of eating. I know this is an odd thing, but I pretty much just eat so that I am not grumbling up in the belly. There are some foods that I really love, but I don't get excited to eat or prepare food. I just eat whatever.  It's not the healthiest lifestyle, but the unfortunate thing is that I married a man who is the same as I am. Not only are we not big eaters, but eating is a chore for us - not a lovely activity.
J and I usually do a big shopping trip about once a month, and then we make runs for things like milk and.... chips that are necessary in life. So last night it was about 8pm and we had eaten all our spaghetti, and soup which are our long term feeding solutions. I was scouring the cupboards, fridge and freezer and we literally had NO food. We didn't even have an egg to cook up. Life was rough. I told J that it was that dreaded time. We have to go to the grocery store. It probably had been longer than usual since we were there, maybe 2 months, or 3. 
Before we head out to the store I decided I was going to try and find some coupons to price match at walmart. I  had a list written out, and recipes and I was all set. TWO HOURS LATER I had found a total of $7.52 savings. That was the dumbest experience of my life. I was so angry I subscribed to a bunch of couponing websites, I downloaded apps, I price matched at other stores. I was in awe that people can actually save money. Then I started to think back to extreme couponing (the TLC show) and those women spent hours and hours upon a million hours couponing, and finding sales that would make their groceries free or really close. Then it hit me, that is their job. Instead of working, they coupon. Instead of getting a pay check they get free groceries and a giant stock pile of toilet paper. 
Couponing is a life waster.
In conclusion I decided I will never have the patience to coupon. Especially when J and I aren't making giant grocery bills. $7.52 isn't worth it on the $162 grocery bill for me to waste 2 hours searching. No no no. 
Have you couponed? 

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