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Could Jersey Shore Be Coming To an End?

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Nikki @KCBlogger78
Could Jersey Shore Be Coming To an End?We have enjoyed Jersey Shore for 5 seasons now and like all good things, it seems THE END is in the future! I have no "confirmed" reports of this, just my opinion. 
Over the years there have been many fights between the housemates. These fights pulled them together & away from each other. I just think that some of them are ready to get away from the show and move on. As you watch this season you have seen people leave and come back cause they needed a break from all the drama and craziness. I'm glad I picked up on these hints this season cause after last nights episode there was a commercial that showed Pauly D coming out with his own show! When I seen it I was like, I knew it! Then today on Twitter I see this tweet by:       
Nikki Sixx  @NikkiSixx
I can believe Snooky admitted to trying to get pregnant with Jon Bon Jovi's love child on @SixxSense tonight! Now once I seen this tweet I was like WHAT? I didn't even know Snooki was even pregnant. Let alone that she was even trying and with Jon Bon Jovi......What! What?  Not sure if there is any truth to that statement guess you will have to check out SixxSense tonight to see if it is. I would but I don't even know when and where this SixxSense is on. But as you can see they do have a webiste so I will check that out later, but you can check it out now if you want.  Yes, it has been confirmed, Snooki is about 3-4 months pregnant with Jionn LaValle's (her boyfriend) child. Do I have to state the obvious. I don't think she will be returning for another season, unless Jionni is willing to watch the kiddo while she goes to film the next season (if there is one). I just don't see her return working out, plain and simple.  Now while reading up on the subject I see that Snooki & JWOW are going to also be doing a spin-off show that is supposably in production ( do not know the name of the show). Once I find more on this I will let you all know. There is not much on this topic other than what  I have stated. Click here to see where I got the information from.  Are you seeing a pattern here? Now like I said earlier this is just my opinion from what I am noticing & reading. There has been no "Official" notification or announcement that the show will be coming to an end. Cause who's to say they won't keep the concept and either replace cast members that want to move on or just replace the whole cast with a new one. They aren't the only people who can party hard and be crazy. I am sure there are plenty of other people who could keep the show going. I mean hell the only qualifications you need are: Be HOT/SEXY, drink a lot, party a lot, hump a lot,  and bring drama to the show & willing to work at the Shore Store! Don't get me wrong they guys made the show but they are not the only ones who can bring drama and craziness and will always be loved.  If the show is to continue for another season, with or without the current cast, I will still probably watch. As long is stays as interesting as these past 5 seasons. 

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