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Could Apple Be Working on Self-Driving Cars?

Posted on the 05 February 2015 by Anna Peterson
Could Apple Be Working on Self-Driving Cars?

News and rumors on the web spread like fire, and apparently, there have been sightings of mysterious cars (owned by Apple) going down the streets of San Francisco. The cars were equipped with unusual technology - advanced cameras and measurement instruments, which probably means that the company is in early phases of creating its self-driving cars.

Apple vs. Google: Self-Driving Vehicles or a Street View Rival?

Could Apple Be Working on Self-Driving Cars?

Some people actually believe that Apple's not working on self-driving cars, but that this is Apple's answer to Google's Street View. On the other hand, several experts have said that the cameras used for Street View and other similar projects look quite different from the ones found in the mysterious cars.

People behind the wheel did not answer when someone would ask them what they were doing, and there were no logos on the cars. However, according to info from the DMV, the cars are registered to Apple. There are six American companies that have the permission to test self-driving cars, and Apple is not among them, but they could be collaborating with one of them (or more).

Check out the video here:

Do you think these rumors will prove to be true?

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